‘The Challenge’ Star Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge Reveal They’re Having a Baby Girl

After almost two years of on-and-off dating, Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge announced they are expecting a child. Cory, already father to Ryder K., did not expect to have two children by the age of 28.

However, he had admitted he changed for the better ever since finding out that Ryder was his daughter when she was six-months-old. After weeks of waiting, the two held their gender reveal in front of their friends and family as well as on Instagram Live so the fans could watch.

Cory Wharton
(L-R) Leroy Garrett, Cory Wharton and Tony Raines | Lars Niki

Are Cory and Taylor having a girl or a boy?

Cory Wharton had a child with Cheyenne Floyd

In April 2017, Cheyenne Floyd gave birth to Ryder K. At the time, she assumed her boyfriend fathered the child until a paternity test proved him otherwise.

Around the time she got pregnant, she had a fling with Cory Wharton after meeting on The Challenge and realized there was a possibility he could be a father.

A paternity test proved her right, and Cory has been active in his child’s life ever since. Ryder also has a congenital condition named VLCAD, and her parents have been activists and use their platforms to raise awareness for it.

After they co-parented Ryder for around a year, MTV asked them to join the Teen Mom series, which upset some as Cheyenne was 24-years-old when she gave birth, not a teen mom.

Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge relationship timeline

In 2018, Cory appeared on the first season of Ex on the Beach and met Are You the One star, Taylor Selfridge. They almost immediately hit it off and continued dating in the house even though both had several exes wash up on the beach.

However, they broke up so Cory could focus on parenting Ryder before reuniting shortly later. In October 2019, Cory and Taylor announced they were expecting a child.

Unfortunately, a month later, Taylor revealed she was pregnant with twins and lost one of the babies due to “vanishing twin syndrome.” Despite rumors, the couple is not engaged but are planning on raising their child together in the same home.

Cory Wharton and Taylor Selfridge announce they’re having a girl

At 7 p.m. EST on January 18, 2020, after teasing it for weeks, Cory and Taylor went live on Instagram to reveal the gender of their upcoming baby. Other Challenge stars, including Tori Deal, Nelson Thomas, Bayleigh Dayton, and Chris “Swaggy C” Williams, were in attendance as well as Cory and Taylor’s family and friends.

Cory Wharton Ryder K
Cory Wharton holding Ryder K via Bayleigh Dayton Instagram Live

They gave everyone “poppers” and, after a countdown from ten, released the confetti inside. Pink confetti flew everywhere, informing those in attendance and viewing online that Cory and Taylor will have a baby girl.

Cory’s daughter, Ryder, and her mother, Cheyenne Floyd, were also there for support. Once it was revealed Ryder would have a baby sister, she began to cry as she wanted a brother. Everyone else celebrated and claimed they were the ones who knew it would be a girl.

Cory Wharton Taylor Selfridge gender reveal
Cory Wharton Taylor Selfridge gender reveal via Bayleigh Dayton Instagram Live

Congratulations are in order for Cory and Taylor!