‘The Challenge’ Star Jemmye Carroll Says Cara Maria Sorbello ‘Changed’ When She Became ‘the Face of the Show’

MTV star Jemmye Carroll, known from The Real World: New Orleans and The Challenge but currently starring in Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love, posted an Ask Me Anything YouTube video in which she answered questions from Reddit users.

One person asked about her drama with Cara Maria Sorbello, and Jemmye didn’t hold back in her answer.

Jemmye Carroll
Camila Nakagawa (L) and Jemmye Carroll | D Dipasupil

Cara Maria Sorbello on ‘The Challenge’

In 2010, then 24-year-old Cara Maria Sorbello made her Challenge debut on the 19th season, Fresh Meat II. Picked by veteran Darrell Taylor, the two went out on the first episode.

She returned for the next six seasons and made it to the finals three times before she decided to take a break. After missing one season, the veteran came back with her cousin, Jamie Banks, for Battle of the Bloodlines, and they won, receiving $150,000 each.

Cara Maria returned two seasons later for Invasion of the Champions and competed in six straight Challenges where she made it to the finals five times in a row, winning one.

The horse lover’s earnings from her tenure on The Challenge total up to $602,250. Even though Cara Maria has been successful in her reality competition career, many fans believe it has changed her for the worse.

Cara Maria Sorbello criticism from ‘The Challenge’ fans

During the MTV star’s time on the show, other competitors have picked on her relentlessly, but she never gave up and began sticking up for herself. Several fans found themselves rooting for Cara Maria until the most recent season of The Challenge, Season 34.

The Challenge viewers criticized the veteran for running the house based on alliances rather than competition. Additionally, Cara Maria seemingly could not separate the game from real life and chose to make rude remarks while Jordan Wiseley proposed to girlfriend Tori Deal, and she skipped their engagement party.

According to several fans, they believe she turned “miserable” from living in The Challenge house for so long without taking a break. Cara Maria responded to the backlash and claimed that she didn’t do anything wrong by not attending an event for people who she had personal problems with outside of the house.

Jemmye Carroll says Cara Maria Sorbello ‘changed’

Some fans also have seen a change in Cara Maria’s personality over the years, including co-star Jemmye Carroll. In 2012, then-rookie Jemmye met Cara Maria on the veteran’s 5th season, Battle of the Seasons.

Out of the Mississippi-native’s seven seasons, she has competed with Cara Maria on every single one except for Battle of the Exes II, and they were close allies on Vendettas.

In an Ask Me Anything YouTube video, Jemmye described their relationship as “up-and-down,” and noted they didn’t have any problems until her tweets about Cara Maria cheating on Abram Boise upset the horse lover.

Therefore, they had “beef” coming into Dirty 30 and seemingly haven’t been friends since. The Real World alumni also called Cara Maria “the definition of an only child” and claimed the horse lover “changed” once she became the face of the show.

The two have not competed together since 2018’s Final Reckoning, but, in her YouTube video, Jemmye announced she would return to The Challenge again.

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