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Siesta Key star Juliette Porter accused her co-star, newcomer Cara Geswelli, of hooking up with The Challenge veteran Johnny Bananas in Cancun last March when the two made an appearance for MTV’s Spring Break.

Bananas, who is currently dating Big Brother Over the Top winner Morgan Willett, responded to the rumors on social media.

Johnny Bananas
Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio | Matt Winkelmeyer

‘The Challenge’ stars Johnny Bananas and Morgan Willett are dating

Veteran Johnny Bananas and rookie Morgan Willett partnered up for the first installment of War of the Worlds in 2018. Even though the two were eliminated in the third episode, they became very close and began dating shortly after that.

During the reunion show, Bananas admitted something was going on between them but didn’t explicitly confirm the relationship. Then, the two began posting photos traveling around the world, and Willett admitted she “got to know” Bananas “on a personal level,” but wanted to keep some things private.

In October 2019, the couple made their red carpet debut at the Los Angeles, California premiere for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, in which Bananas had a small cameo.

Some believe they have not outright revealed they are dating as they think she may have cheated on ex-boyfriend Jay Starrett with Bananas. 

‘Siesta Key’ Juliette Porter accuses Cara Geswelli of cheating with Johnny Bananas

Since last season of Siesta Key, Juliette Porter and Cara Geswelli have had beef as Porter believed her former friend flirted with her then-boyfriend, and Geswelli’s ex, Alex Kompothecras, and wanted him back. The new cast member also ended Season 2 on an unsure note with her boyfriend, Garrett Miller, when she left for a family trip.

On the night before the premiere of Siesta Key Season 3, Porter tweeted, “Cara is a shady skank, and she f****d @johnnybananas while dating @__GarettMiller in Cancun.”

Miller responded to her tweet with a gif from Little Rascals of the character Porky resting his face in his hands and grinning.

While the New Jersey-native hasn’t directly responded to Porter as of yet, in a trailer for the third season, she says, “If I’ve learned anything, it’s to stop cheating and to stop lying because people will find out about it.”

Porter claimed that Floribama Shore star Nilsa Prowant spilled the beans as she, Geswelli, and Bananas all attended an MTV Spring Break event together in Cancun. According to Instagram stories, Porter and Prowant were also hanging out the same night the Siesta Key star made her accusations on Twitter.

Johnny Bananas responded to rumors he cheated with Cara Geswelli

A few hours after Porter’s tweet went viral, Bananas posted a picture of himself in a suit, sitting down and laughing. He also tagged his current location as Siesta Key, Florida.

Several people, including The Challenge co-stars Kayleigh Morris and Nany Carmen, responded with their support of him and his relationship with Willett.

Additionally, he tweeted, “Is there a drought in South Florida because these #SiestaKey kids are thirsty!” Even though Willett has been active on social media, she hasn’t responded to the rumors.

The Challenge Season 35 will premiere in 2020.