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Cinco Holland Jr. and Cashay Proudfoot seemed on their way to winning Love Island USA 3 until he wanted to pursue a connection with someone else. They reconnected after exiting the villa but ultimately chose to split. Apparently, the ex-couple weren’t on speaking terms before competing in The Challenge: USA together.

Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland Jr. weren’t speaking before ‘The Challenge: USA’

Eight past Love Island contestants will return to reality television for the competitive spinoff The Challenge: CBS. Even though they are familiar with each other and have the numbers over players representing other CBS franchises, the former Islanders are seemingly not on the same page heading into the season.

In a clip uploaded to the official YouTube channel, a few of the alums admitted they didn’t know if Melvin “Cinco” Holland Jr. would work with them or not as they can’t figure out his true loyalties. Additionally, Kyra Green pointed out that exes Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco weren’t on speaking terms before entering the show.

Love Island USA 2 runner-up Cely Vazquez claimed the two are “adjusting” to the situation and are seemingly doing well, having to co-exist. However, she noted it’s probably not easy having to work with your ex-partner.

Apparently, Cinco agrees as he admitted he considers his ex the “biggest threat” to his game due to her influence with the other females. According to Cashay, the others repeatedly asked her if she was doing alright. While the season 3 fan favorite didn’t answer, she noted that it’s “crazy” to have so many eyes on her “very public breakup.” 

Cashay and Cinco broke up in January 2022

Cinco and Cashay met in July 2021 during Love Island USA 3. He chose to couple up with her after entering the villa on Day 2, and they quickly developed a strong connection.

Another Islander, and Cashay’s friend, revealed his attraction to Cinco, and he partnered up with her to explore the interest.

When Cashay admitted she still had unresolved feelings, Cinco eventually reciprocated and wanted to couple up again. After going back and forth, she decided to stay with Charlie Lynch, whom she met at Casa Amor, but he got tired of waiting and began pursuing newcomer Alana Paolucci.

Following their dumpings, the couple hung out in his hometown for several days and visited each other multiple times. In early January 2022, the pair spent her birthday together, and she referred to him as her boyfriend in the caption. However, only two weeks after they went official, the two announced they decided to separate.

Cinco and Cashay are competing with other ‘Love Island’ alums

Cashay and Cinco are playing alongside several other Love Island favorites, including season 1 stars and exes Kyra Green and Cashel Barnett, season 2 best friends Justine Ndiba and Cely Vazquez, and co-stars Shannon St. Clair and Javonny Vega.

The ex-couple was good friends with Shannon and her then-boyfriend Josh Goldstein, who seemed on track to win the show until they walked away early due to the death of his sister, and have spent time with her after season 3 concluded filming.


‘Love Island USA’: Cashay Proudfoot and Cinco Holland Jr. Split: ‘Breakups Are Hard’

Javonny exited the villa on Day 17 after being paired up with eventual winner Olivia Kaiser for the competition. She chose to end things with him once she realized she couldn’t get over his goofy behavior.

However, many viewers found him endearing, making him a fan favorite. The Challenge: USA premieres on July 6, 2022, on CBS.