‘The Challenge USA’ Spoilers: Who Won?

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for ‘The Challenge: USA.’]

A spinoff of the long-running reality competition series, The Challenge: USA has mainly cast former personalities and fan favorites from the network to compete for $500,000. Additionally, the winner(s) will compete against the champs from the Australia, UK, and Argentina-based programs in the ultimate Global Championship. Who won The Challenge: CBS and will go on to represent the USA?

The cast photo for 'The Challenge: USA'
‘The Challenge USA’ cast. Pictured (L-R middle row): Melvin ‘Cinco’ Holland Jr., Cashay Proudfoot, Leo Temory, Alyssa Lopez, Justine Ndiba, Cely Vazquez, Tiffany Mitchell, Derek Xiao, Azah Awasum, and Javonny Vega. Pictured (L-R bottom row): David Alexander, Cayla Platt, Tyson Apostol, Tasha Fox, Desi Williams, Shannon St. Clair, Domenick Abbate, and Sarah Lacina | Laura Barisonzi; Paramount

‘The Challenge: USA’ cast

In early March 2022, known Challenge spoiler account PinkRose revealed the players for the inaugural The Challenge: CBS had reported to Argentina where they would film the season. The network recently confirmed the cast and announced a premiere date. The familiar competitors include:

Enzo Palumbo (Big Brother 12, season 22 runner-up)

Angela Rummans (Big Brother 20)

David Alexander (Big Brother 21, 22)

Alyssa Lopez (Big Brother 23)

Azah Awasum (Big Brother 23)

Derek Xiao (Big Brother 23) 

Kyland Young (Big Brother 23)

Tiffany Mitchell (Big Brother 23)

Xavier Prather (Big Brother 23 winner)

Cashel Barnett (Love Island 1)

Kyra Green (Love Island USA 1)

Cely Vazquez (Love Island USA 2 runner-up)

Justine Ndiba (Love Island 2 winner)

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Cashay Proudfoot (Love Island 3)

Shannon St. Clair (Love Island 3)

Cinco Holland Jr. (Love Island 3)

Javonny Vega (Love Island 3)

Tyson Apostol (Survivor 18, 20, 40, season 27 winner)

Sarah Lacina (Survivor 28, 40, season 34 winner)

Tasha Fox (Survivor 28, season 31 runner-up)

Ben Driebergen (Survivor 35 winner, season 40)

Desi Williams (Survivor 35)

Domenick Abbate (Survivor 36 runner-up)

Danny McCray (Survivor 41)

Shantel Smith (Survivor 41)

Leo Temory (Amazing Race 23) 

James Wallington (Amazing Race 32 winner)

Cayla Lee (Amazing Race 33 runner-up)

Several ‘Big Brother’ players were eliminated before the finals

The account also shared the reported elimination matchups. Teammates James and Cayla eliminated Cashel and Tiffany, followed by David and Justine, who sent Xavier and Shantel home.

Leo and Sarah then eliminated Cinco and Azah, and Leo partnered up with Alyssa to send Kyland and Kyra home. Additionally, Javonny, Cely, James, Tasha, Derek, Shannon, Leo, Cashay, David, and Alyssa were eliminated before the finals.

Sarah Lacina and Danny McCray won ‘The Challenge: USA’

Ben was disqualified prior to competing for the grand prize due to an injury. As the finals are reportedly similar to spinoff All Stars 1, which required male/female competitors to partner up for each leg, his exit allegedly caused every woman to complete one section alone.

Desi and Enzo are reported as the first pair eliminated from the finals due to a purge, or they decided to quit. Angela then exited the competition because she had to complete an overnight leg alone that she couldn’t finish.

The second part of the finals was individual. Domenick, Tyson, and Cayla placed as finalists, but Sarah and Danny were crowned the winners and will split $500,000.

They will also represent the USA in The Challenge: Global Championship, where they will face off against the champs from the Argentina, UK, and Australia spinoffs. The Challenge USA premieres July 6 at 9:30 EST, following the Big Brother 24 premiere.

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