‘The Challenge: USA’: Tiffany Mitchell Injured Her Ankle Before Elimination

Tiffany Mitchell’s reputation as a strategic mastermind from Big Brother followed her into The Challenge: USA, which ultimately played against her, resulting in her blindside. However, she apparently injured her ankle in the daily mission before competing in elimination.

Tiffany Mitchell injured her ankle during the daily mission

For episode 2, Big Brother fan favorite Tiffany Mitchell was placed with Love Island star Cashel Barnett. They competed in the Yeah Buoy challenge, in which the players had to jump onto a large spinning buoy suspended over water, retrieve up to five letter tiles, and then swim to shore, where they formed as many words as they could out of them in 20 minutes.

The Amazing Race team, Cayla Lee and James Wallington, failed to retrieve any tiles, losing the mission. On the other hand, Survivor champ Tyson Apostol and Love Island winner Justine Nbida created the most words, winning.

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Tiffany and Cashel finished in the middle of the pack but ended up in elimination when enough Big Brother players expressed a willingness to cut the Favorite Houseguest. For the elimination game, the teams had to pedal stationary bikes that power up symbols on a screen which the players then had to memorize and reproduce on their board.

Ultimately, Tiffany and Cashel were defeated and sent home. Following the elimination, Kyland Young revealed that Tiffany had a “bad fall” during the daily mission, resulting in an injured ankle. “So, she was pedaling that bike a long ass time while hurt,” he added.

Cashay Proudfoot denied wanting Tiffany out of the game due to ‘jealousy’

When they first arrived in the house, Love Island fan favorite Cashay Proudfoot claimed she and Tiffany formed a friendship, despite the BB star’s budding romance with her ex, Cinco Holland, Jr.

However, things changed when Cashay began hearing that Tiffany wanted to do something to “f*** with her mental” and planned to target her.

Therefore, the New York native thought it was best for her game if Tiffany left.

However, she denied wanting the Big Brother popular player out of the house for jealousy reasons and insisted she wasn’t “intimidated” by the Michigan native.

Cashay says she and Tiffany still aren’t on good terms

After filming wrapped, Cashay claimed Tiffany reached out to her, and they moved past their differences to become good friends and frequently communicated.

After that, Cashay said the reality TV personality contacted her after finding out she was hanging out with other cast members in Los Angeles.

According to the former Islander, Tiffany threatened to reach out to Cinco after discovering her rumored love interest, Kyland Young, was also with the group in LA.

Cashay notes the two haven’t spoken since the phone call. Tiffany indirectly responded to the claims in a direct message sent to Desi Williams that she posted on her Instagram story. The Michigan native denied wanting to “mess” with Cashay’s mental and planning to wear lingerie around Cinco. The Challenge: USA airs Wednesdays on CBS.

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