‘The Challenge’: Wes Bergmann Reveals How Much Money Kailah Casillas Makes From Her OnlyFans Account

Florida-native Kailah Casillas first appeared on Real World: Go Big or Go Home before becoming a regular competitor on MTV’s longstanding reality competition series, The Challenge. She also made an unforgettable appearance on Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club as an ambassador before butting heads with the child star herself, resulting in her dismissal from the short-lived series.

Additionally, Casillas was in a high-profile relationship with fellow reality star Mikey Pericoloso, and they appeared in a May 2019 episode of MTV’s How Far is Tattoo Far. The beautiful reality star has gained fame through her several television appearances, which has resulted in a successful OnlyFans account. The Challenge co-star and veteran Wes Bergmann revealed how much she makes from the platform in a recent interview.

The Challenge Kailah Casillas
Kailah Casillas | Jason Kempin

Kailah Casillas ‘The Challenge’ and MTV career

In 2016, then 22-year-old recent college graduate Kailah Casillas made her reality television debut on MTV’s The Real World: Go Big or Go Home. Even though she hooked up with castmate Dione Mariani, it didn’t lead to anything outside of the house.

Shortly after her appearance, the Florida-native competed on MTV reality competition series, The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions, where she eliminated veteran Marie Roda.


Casillas returned for the following season, Dirty 30, and sent two formidable competitors packing but barely missed the finals. The reality star came back for Vendettas, where she finished fourth, winning $25,625.

She then competed on spinoff Champs vs. Stars alongside childhood crush Drake Bell, and they raised $1,450 for their respective charities. Seeking her first win, Casillas came back for the following season but got into a physical fight with UK-native Melissa Reeves, resulting in her disqualification on the first day.

After her elimination, she took a break from Challenges and appeared on Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club as an ambassador. However, the Florida-native clashed with the child star herself and was eliminated from the competition.


The now 27-year-old returned to The Challenge three seasons later for Total Madness, where she cheated on her longtime boyfriend, Mikey Pericoloso, with castmate Stephen Bear.

Around December 2019, shortly after she finished filming Total Madness, Casillas created an OnlyFans account, which has since gotten extremely popular.

How much Kailah Casillas makes from OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where a user can post exclusive content, typically of pornographic nature, for subscribers who pay monthly subscription fees set by the user, which range from $4.99 to around $44.99.

The MTV star currently charges $35 a month and has over 9,000 likes. Presently, Casillas, her boyfriend Ex on the Beach star Sam Bird, Challenge competitors Dee Nguyen, Devin Walker, and Nany Gonzalez are all staying with veteran Wes Bergmann’s Kansas City-based home.

In an interview with former Challenge star Sarah Rice, Bergmann revealed Casillas makes around $300,000 a year, or $25,000 monthly from her OnlyFans account.

He also claimed Are You the One? star Walker brings in approximately $125,000 annually or $11,000 monthly. Based on this, Casillas has a little over 700 monthly subscribers.

Walker does not have a set price as he offers many deals for his followers, so it’s difficult to estimate how many monthly subscribers he has. The Challenge 35: Total Madness airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on MTV.