The Chefs of ‘Below Deck Med,’ Ranked From Best to Worst

Reality TV shows are hated and loved in equal measure. The flashy, confident, and sometimes rowdy characters of Bravo’s Below Deck Med reality show are the perfect explanation of why people love to hate reality shows but find themselves coming back.  

Every season, the show features a new crew, and surprisingly the chefs seem to steal everyone’s heart and attention. It could be their food, their culinary skills, or their stunning looks. While everyone has their favorite cast member, you can’t help but wonder how your favorite chef ranks against the others. 

Trevor Walker, Kate Chastain, Sierra Storm, Ben Robinson, Captain Lee Rosbach, Nico Sholly, Kelley Johnson, Lauren Burchell, Emily Warburton-Adams | Virginia Sherwood/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank

Chef Ben Robinson 

Chef Robinson is a familiar face among Below Deck Med fans, having featured on several seasons of the reality show.

Robinson is an accomplished chef with over 15 years of experience in both land and sea. No wonder he carries himself with so much poise. Robinson is easily the best chef on the show, not only going by the standards of his food but also from his captain’s opinion.

It also helps that Robinson keeps a cool head and has charming looks that have won over the hearts of fans of the show. It’s not uncommon to find several articles online of his love life as fans try to dig in and find out if he is still single. 

Adam Glick 

Adam Glick is mysterious, and the fact that he lives in a camper and loves surfing makes him irresistible to fans.

His tenure on the show wasn’t as dashy, but luckily, he made an effort to recover and did so wonderfully. His greatest snafu on the show was when he put onions in a guest’s meal who had instructed otherwise. 

Captain Sandy opted to give him one more chance, and the charming chef outdid himself. His excellent cooking skills saw him come back for season three, where his streak of excellent meals continued.  

Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran 

Kiko’s laid-back attitude and drama-free approach got him embedded in the hearts of fans. His culinary skills are not in doubt after he masterfully pulled off a six-course, 72 plate meal. But in the following charter, Kiko plunged from being the best to the worst chef on the charter. 

Kiko’s tumble was in the form of a vegan meal request by a guest, and the mushrooms, in particular, were quite the challenge for Kiko. 

In all honesty, other star chefs in the show have had problems with a vegan menu, most notably Adam Glick. Despite Kiko’s struggle with the vegan meal, he has done more than enough to stay out of the bottom. 

Mila Kolomeitseva 

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Mila was the first female chef on the show, and expectedly, Below Deck Med fans couldn’t wait to root for her.

She connected with the captain, Sandy Yawn right way in what seemed to be the beginning of something good. However, Mila’s fairytale ride started getting rock with a bout of food poisoning even before the first charter of guests arrived, but that was only the beginning.

Mila’s likability plunged as fast as her cooking credentials on the show after she made subpar nachos and tacos, followed by a cake that Hannah said: “tasted strongly of baking soda.” Some critiques even went as far as saying they could do better than chef Mila, according to US Magazine

Unfortunately, it was not only Mila’s cooking that was in question but also her comments on homosexuality and President Vladimir Putin that left her crew members stunned. 

On the next charter, Mila was demoted in her kitchen and despite her efforts to regain her position and standing with the captain, she didn’t last long.