‘The Circle’: Are Chloe and Mitchell Dating?

Another season of The Circle has ended. And though there can only officially be one winner of the game show, money isn’t the only prize to take home. Just like in The Circle season 1, one couple may have found romance this season as well. During the finale, Circle stars Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason seemed to be getting quite cozy. Are they together now?

Chloe Veitch from 'The Circle' Season 2 on Netflix shocked
Chloe Veitch on ‘The Circle’ | Netflix

‘The Circle’ season 2 relationships

*Spoilers for The Circle Season 2 ahead*

Too Hot to Handle star Veitch went into The Circle season 2 with her heart on her sleeve. Her game plan was to play as herself and be as genuine as possible. As fans saw on Veitch’s previous reality show, she is an extreme flirt. So, when Trevor’s profile came up as a member of The Circle cast, she couldn’t help but throw some flirtatious messages his way. Unbeknownst to Veitch, Trevor was played by his real-life wife, DeLessa St. Agathe. Throughout the first half of the game, Trevor and Veitch became close and flirted with one another. When Eason was introduced to the game, Veitch’s head immediately started spinning. At first, she tried to flirt with both players, but once Eason and Trevor developed a bond, Veitch and Eason’s relationship turned to more of a brother/sister connection.

During the finale, The Circle cast got to meet in person and Veitch discovered that Trevor was actually St. Agathe and was heartbroken. She did, however, cast a few flirting glances at Eason, who also seemed keen to take her out of the friendzone.

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Are ‘The Circle’ stars Chloe and Mitchell together now?

During the Circle reunion episode, Veitch was asked how her relationship with Eason was going.

“To be honest me and Mitchell, we FaceTime nearly every night,” she said. “I’ve spoken to his mom. I’ve told my family about him and we actually shared a kiss just after we filmed the finale.

“He kissed me when the cameras were all turned off,” she continued. “He asked me very politely. I haven’t seen him since but yeah it was like..butterflies.

In an interview with Refinery29, Veitch elaborated on the kiss.

“He was like, ‘Chlo, I can’t leave England without knowing if I could kiss you or not.’ And he asked if he could kiss me! It was so cute.”

Despite the kiss, the two are not official quite yet.

“Because of the distance, it hasn’t got a label But we get on really, really well and it is romantic,” she told Cosmopolitan. “It’s not just a friendship, but we’ll see.”

There could be hope for a more serious relationship in the future as Veitch is planning to visit Eason in America soon, according to Bustle. 

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‘The Circle’ Season 1 couples

Veitch and Eason aren’t the first Circle players to find a romantic connection. In season 1, winner Joey Sasso and Miranda Bissonnette struck up a friendship that ended in a kiss on the show.

Afterward, the two remained friends.

“Everyone wants to know, ‘are you together, are you not together?’ The truth is that it’s kind of neither,” Sasso told Esquire after the season aired. “We are in each other’s lives. We are incredibly close. I love that girl to death.

“For both of us, we just know that the love we have for each other—we know relationships can change that,” he continued. “She has a life in Tahoe; I have a life in LA, but we see each other all the time. We talk all the time. The love there is so genuine and real.”