‘The Circle’: Are Joey and Miranda Together Now That the Show Is Over?

Netflix has always been on the cutting edge of television, but even still, in this age, it’s hard to give viewers something that they truly have never seen before.

But, the streaming giant may have just achieved that goal with its new reality competition, The Circle.

Joey Sasso and Miranda Bissonnette
Joey Sasso and Miranda Bissonnette

What, on the surface, started out as a superficial social media competition ending up being an emotional journey that brought the players together. The contestants ending up forming tight-knit bonds and two players, Joey Sasso and Miranda Bissonnette, even had a love connection.

But were the bonds able to last out in the real world?

What is ‘The Circle’?

Netflix’s The Circle is the latest rendition of the British show. At the beginning of the game, players were locked in an apartment for the duration of the competition. Their only form of communication was through the social media platform, The Circle. Seven contestants entered at the beginning of the game, while one to two new players came in every time someone was blocked from the game. The ultimate goal was to be the most popular player and win the $100,000 prize.

Who won the game?

If you haven’t seen this season of The Circle, then be warned that there are spoilers ahead.

When fans were first introduced to Sasso, no one thought the jock would win the game. But he turned out to be one of the competition’s most genuine players, which led to him taking home the cash prize.

“I was really unsure what [the show] was going to be,” Sasso told Esquire of his decision to apply. “I’m an actor and live in Los Angeles. I’ve been up here since I was 18, and part of that is never doing stuff that isn’t scripted—you know… reality television. But this came up and it felt so right. The concept felt so fresh that I never really had to worry about making mistakes that would stick with me for 20 years. I went into it optimistic and hoped for the best. The one thing, now that everyone knows the outcome, is that I never once thought about winning the show.”

Through his genuine connections and supporting both the OG game players and the new competitors that came in, Sasso was able to go from being a flirt to a guy that everyone wanted to be friends with.

Are Joey and Miranda together?

While Sasso flirted with several of the women on the show, his connection with Bissonnette, trumped all of the others. The two even shared a kiss after she was blocked from the game. Before they parted ways, they agreed to go on a date in the real world. But did it ever happen?

“It wasn’t a $100,000 winner date because at this point, the show had just ended,” Sasso told the outlet. “We weren’t allowed to follow each other on social media, but she came out to LA to stay with me. This question has come up a lot, but you’re getting more out of me than anyone else has.”

The two aren’t exactly together now but they are still close.

“Everyone wants to know, ‘are you together, are you not together?’ The truth is that it’s kind of neither,” he said. “We are in each other’s lives. We are incredibly close. I love that girl to death. We have an amazing friendship that is unlike any relationship I’ve had with anyone else except my ex-girlfriend, who I’ve been best friends with since I was a child, so this means so much to me. For both of us, we just know that the love we have for each other—we know relationships can change that. She has a life in Tahoe; I have a life in LA, but we see each other all the time. We talk all the time. The love there is so genuine and real.”