‘The Circle’ Fans React to Seaburn Williams Hilariously Lying About Cramps as a Catfish

Seaburn Williams is one of the bold players playing with another identity on The Circle. That means he often has to lie to blend in and he has been successful.

However, fans are now reacting to him hilariously lying about having cramps. Find out what happened and what fans are saying about the catfish moment.

Seaburn Williams is playing as a catfish in ‘The Circle’

Williams is one of the players that chose to be a catfish. He used someone close to him to create his fake profile.

“In The Circle, I’ll be playing a character named Rebecca because I got the jokes,” he said on the show. “But I’m using my girlfriend’s pictures because she’s gorgeous. We’ve been together for about two years.”

He is really from Boston and works as a case worker for human services. Williams works with people who have disabilities. Williams said he decided to be a woman because hot girls get more likes and he thinks this is the way to win.

Williams managed to win over the other players with a back story

'The Circle' on Netflix
‘The Circle’ on Netflix | Netflix

The other players have started to get suspicious of each other. Many of them are wondering who could be a catfish. Williams has managed to stay under the radar and even win people over in a game where players could ask questions anonymously in the episode “There’s a Catfish Among Us.”

Chris Sapphire anonymously asked Rebecca if she’s really shy or is it a front for easy likability? Williams responded with “Growing up my twin sister did all the talking for me so I never really got the chance to find my own voice, so being shy is not a phase for me.”

Many people loved that answer and it got him a higher rating. However, Williams later came up with a lie that didn’t go as smoothly.

He lied about having cramps to avoid suspicion

The ladies of The Circle started a chat to get to know Sean Taylor, which put Williams on the spot. That’s because they started talking about dealing with cramps.

“I was really craving some girl time. Honestly, I woke up this morning with the worst cramps,” Taylor said. This led to the other ladies also sympathizing and sharing their own stories.

“That was me last week. Sad face. Hope you feel better soon. Exclamation point,” responded Miranda Bissonnette. Sammie Cimarelli added, “Oh my god today’s my last day and I am so happy about it.”

Williams was shocked by all of this. “I didn’t even know that women went into so much detail about Mother Nature,” he said to himself. “As Seaburn, I’m like ‘I don’t wanna know this.’ But as Rebecca we have to, you know, know this.”

He then added to the chat, “Try to keep something nice and warm in your system. That really helps.” That went over well, but Williams later got a different reaction.

“You are so lucky that you do not have to deal with the whole crazy cramps. Mine get really bad. I absolutely wanna cry,” Williams told the group. He then added, “The only thing that happens is my left side starts to hurt really bad.”

The ladies get confused by this. Taylor wrote back “I never heard of your left side hurting.” That’s when Williams decided to leave the chat.

Fans are loving the wacky exchange. One wrote on Twitter “Seaburn was just giving too much detail. Why go too far when you don’t even know what you’re talking about?”

It just goes to show that playing as someone else is really risky. Perhaps Williams shouldn’t have tried to join in the way he did.