‘The Circle’: Jack Atkins AKA Emily’s New TikTok Reveals Surprising Friendship Outside the Netflix Game Show

Jack Atkins competed in The Circle Season 2 on Netflix as a catfish. The college student came on the show pretending to be blonde sorority girl “Emily” and tried to get far along by being even-keeled and friendly to all. Some contestants, like Chloe Veitch, called out “Emily” in The Circle for not giving her actual opinion enough. Since the show’s finale aired on May 5, Jack shared a TikTok with another contestant from The Circle that revealed a surprising post-show friendship.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for The Circle Season 2.]

Jack Atkins as Emily on 'The Circle'
Jack Atkins in ‘The Circle’ Season 2 | Ben Blackall/Netflix

Jack Atkins competed in ‘The Circle’ Season 2 as ‘Emily’ and ‘John’

The player started the competition as Emily. But contestants figured out he was a catfish when he couldn’t complete the “Glamequin” challenge with adequate makeup application. People figured that Emily would be more skilled when it came to makeup application and were suspicious that the contestant was a catfish. They blocked him after that.

Jack Atkins got in fifth place on ‘The Circle’ while catfishing as John

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Following “Emily’s” blocking, Jack teamed up with fellow blocked contestant Lisa Delcampo, who catfished as Lance Bass. The Circle asked them if they wanted to continue their journey in the show as another catfish. Of course, they said yes and progressed in the game as “John.” They played John to be a friendly older gay psychic. John easily won over the hearts of many players, but unfortunately for Jack and Lisa, not enough.

They placed in fifth place as John on the show.

Jack Atkins posted a new video that revealed a surprising friendship

While “Emily” and Savannah Palacio had an early alliance as part of the girls’ pact to stay together, they never quite really connected. “Emily” was more loyal to Chloe, while Savannah was closer with contestants like “Trevor” (Deleesa St Agathe) and Courtney Revolution.

Savannah was so close with Courtney, that she visited him when she was “blocked” from the group. She informed Courtney of her beef with Terilisha, who she thought was out to get her and stir drama. Courtney took it upon himself as the game’s Joker to get out the rest of the girl’s squad — Terilisha, Emily, and Chloe.

But Jack’s latest TikTok shows that he and Savannah actually fostered a friendship after filming the show.

He posted a new video of the two dancing and having fun together on May 5. Jack captioned the video: “Turning up for The Circle finale and the fact we can finally post with other cast members!”

Jack tagged Savannah’s account as well. We’ll probably be seeing more of these friends as they are seemingly only now allowed to show their friendship on social media.

While The Circle Season 2 just wrapped up, we’re already excited and ready for another season. But until then, we’ll keep up with the cast on social media to keep entertained while we wait for more.