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The Circle is one of the buzziest reality series out right now. It just landed on Netflix this week and everyone just can’t stop talking about it. One of the most-talked-about contestants is Antonio DePína, a professional basketball player.

Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for The Circle season1 episodes 1-4.

Antonio DePína on Netflix's 'The Circle'
Antonio DePína on Netflix’s ‘The Circle’ | Netflix

Who is ‘The Circle’ player Antonio DePína?

DePína is a 24-year-old basketball player from Delaware. He graduated from Lincoln University in 2017 and has since played in Spain, Portugal, and France.

He is also an entrepreneur and has several business ventures. One of these ventures is an app called Overseas Basketball Connection, which helps basketball players connect with teams around the world without using an agent.

Antonio DePína’s time on ‘The Circle’

DePína started off the game incredibly well and was one of the first influencers of the season. He was rated highly by the other players because his profile and photo seemed genuine. He also bonds with Shubham Goel and Karyn Blanco (playing as Merecedeze).

However, a few episodes later, when he was no longer an influencer, his stock in the game began to decline. He got on Blanco’s bad side and continued to become enemies with Joey Sasso. Goel, his closest ally and one of the new influencers, did not save him and he was the second player to be blocked in the competition.

After being voted off, he chose to go visit Mercedeze and found out her true identity. He came off as a good sport and admitted to learning more about truly not judging a book by its cover.

He recently posted a video on YouTube, detailing his experience on the show, his opinions on the rest of the cast, and who his favorite player is.

The Circle returns with new episodes, next Wednesday on Netflix.