‘The Circle’: Shubham Admits ‘I Was a Little Too Tough on Catfishes’ in Season 1

People have to choose to either play as themselves, a catfish, or fall somewhere in between on The Circle. For the first time, fans got to see what happens when players from past seasons return to the game. Shubham Goel talks about being too tough on catfishes and what lessons he learned before playing again.

[SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for The Circle Episode 8.] 

Shubham Goel returns for ‘The Circle’ Season 5

Season 1 showed Shubham entering the game despite hating social media. He played himself and ended up making genuine connections with other cast members. He also had the goal of sniffing out people who weren’t who they said they were.

However, he didn’t know one of his closest friends, Rebecca, was actually her boyfriend, Seaburn Williams. In the end, Joey Sasso won the season playing himself.

Shubham returned for season 5 on the condition that he’d be a catfish. He got a profile of a woman who works as a blogger. Shubham made Sasha a tech blogger since that’s his field.

Shubham admits he was too tough on catfishes on ‘The Circle’

Shubham managed to get second place in the first season of the show. He talked to Parade about how he studied the game in case he ever returned.

“One thing I wanted to take is I just wanted to be adaptable,” he explained. “I remember the first season when I was at the bottom of the rankings the first time; I just remembered that things could change super quickly, so never give up.” 

“Something I didn’t want to take with me was my feelings toward catfishing,” he continued. “I disagree with catfishing in real life. But in the first season, I was a little too tough on catfishes in the game, which is a different way of playing. That’s why I said, ‘Sharky Shubham wants to apologize to all the catfishes I hunted successfully and unsuccessfully.’ (Laughs.) So this time, I realized it wasn’t about getting the catfish.”

It’s true, Shubham was more focused on getting allies since he entered the game later. That meant he played very differently this time.

Did Shubham win ‘The Circle’ this time?

Shubham Goel, who stars in 'The Circle' Season 5 on Netflix, wears a red shirt and jeans.
Shubham Goel | Netflix

Shubham worked hard to win over the cast. But had to go up against a lot. After not getting the majority of followers, he had to block one of his supporters.

He then tried to start a revolution by making an alliance with all of the new players to take out the original ones. It didn’t work, and Chaz Lawyer made sure to block him from the game. 

Shubham decided to meet “Jennifer” and found Xanthi Perdikomatis and Brett Robinson. He had no clue the dog trainer was a catfish but seemed happily surprised. Shubham gave them a power in the game, and it will be revealed in the next episode.

There is still one catfish in the game with Tamira, played by Tasia Lesley. Time will tell if she manages to win.