‘The Circle’: What Is the Prize for the Winner of the Netflix Show?

Netflix changed the way people watch television by making episodes easy to binge. Now it’s releasing four episodes weekly with its new reality show, The Circle.

The game show is being compared to Big Brother and Catfish. That’s because eight people live in an apartment complex, but are isolated from each other. They’re only able to interact through a social platform called The Circle and they have to win each other over to stay in the game. But what do they win? Here is everything you need to know.

The goal of ‘The Circle’ is to be the most popular player

The person who “wins” The Circle is the one who is the most popular. That means players might do or say anything to be liked by the other players.

“They’re basically trying to be the most popular versions of themselves that they can possibly be,” show creator Tim Harcourt told OprahMag.com “For some people, that means changing their identity… It gives the contestants the opportunity to assume any kind of personality or definition of popular and then use that to try and win the game.”

Contestants can be eliminated when they rate each other from their least to most favorite. Two people are given the title of “influencers” by getting the most votes and can “block” or eliminate someone. They are then replaced by someone new.

This move is pretty powerful but could backfire given you want the remaining cast to like you after you make your choice. However, it wasn’t always determined this way.

The way to eliminate players has changed

The way to determine who would be at the bottom has changed throughout the run of the shows. The show creator explained why players now rank each other.

“The rating mechanic has been something that my team and I spent lots of time refining and testing,” Harcourt told Parade. “In the first season of the U.K. version, people rated out of five stars like Uber. We didn’t love it, as different people have different underlying value criteria.”

The creator continued, “We wanted to change it to a ranking system. When Netflix came on board, they said, ‘We don’t love the star rating. Have you thought about ranking?’ I knew then Netflix was going to be great creative partners!” What does the winner get after all of their hard work?

The winner will receive $100,000

'The Circle' on Netflix
‘The Circle’ on Netflix | Netflix

There is a cash prize for whoever gets to trick the rest of the cast into voting for them as their favorite. The winner receives $100,000.

The Netflix show is based on a U.K. reality show by the same name. The prize money for that show can be up to £100,000. Harcourt talked about bringing the British show to an American audience. He noticed there is one big difference between how they play.

“Yes, the Americans are a little more loyal and more inclined to flirt,” he said. “I love the moral center of American players. Throughout the game, some of them even prayed.”

Fans will have to wait and see if either strategies will help or hurt this season’s contestants. The Circle is now available on Netflix.