‘The Circle’s Courtney Revolution Celebrates Pride Month; ‘Being Gay Is Such a Small Part of What I Offer’

Courtney Linsen, better known as Courtney Revolution, is a 28-year-old entertainment host and digital creator from Los Angeles. Playing as his authentic self, Revolution came in third place in season 2 of Netflix‘s The Circle. Now, he is celebrating Pride Month and sharing his story with the world. 

Courtney Revolution, also known as Courtney Linsen, from Netflix's 'The Circle'
Courtney Linsen | Ben Blackall / Netflix ©2021

‘The Circle’ Season 2 cast member Courtney Revolution isn’t defined by his sexuality

Revolution will be a guest on the Shifting Her Experience podcast with Sophie and Tiana on June 15. During his time on the show, The Circle star shares advice on coming out and his LGBTQ identity on the Netflix series.

“Never forget that you’re valuable and you being alive offers something to the world,” Revolution says regarding anyone who is considering coming out to their friends and family. “Being gay is such a small part of what I offer to the world,” Revolution continued.

Don’t let that be the thing that keeps you up at night or ruins your day. Out of all the people on earth, believe me, you got a handful that love what you bring to the table, so keep serving it up so people can eat.

‘The Circle’ Netflix star always wanted to be himself 

The Circle is a game that isolates contestants in apartments where they compete through a voice-activated platform to become the most popular player. With $100,000 at stake, each player enters the game with a strategy.

From catfishing opponents to flirting and everything in between, there’s really no rules when it comes to how contestants play The Circle. Some players enter the game with a persona, like Lee Swift, who played as the younger River in season 2.

But Revolution entered the game with authenticity in mind. “I didn’t think of my [LGBTQ] identity before going on the show,” he explains on the podcast. “I am a black gay man and if I’m going on as that, that’s who I am.”

Revolution didn’t want to come across as “too masculine or too feminine.” Instead, he wanted to play as his authentic self. Stream Revolution’s entire interview with Sophie and Tiana on June 15. 

Courtney Revolution told 1 lie in ‘The Circle’ game

The only thing Revolution did lie about on The Circle was his occupation. Today, many fans know Revolution is a podcast host and digital creator. But in The Circle, he pretended to have a humble job as a barista. 

Revolution believed other players would have perceived him as “nosy” if he shared his actual occupation. Instead, Revolution claimed he was a “coffee-slinging hero” who “loves to laugh” in his bio on the show. 

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The rest of Revolution’s bio was extremely authentic. “I live my life loud out and proud,” Revolution said. “Family is everything to me. I can’t wait to make some new friends and more than anything, I hope to be your cup of joe. #WhenInDoubtTwerkItOut.” 

When Revolution made it as one of The Circle Season 2‘s finalists, fans learned he would use the $100,000 prize to help take care of his stepdad, who is battling stage 3 kidney disease. Revolution may not have won The Circle, but he has won many fans’ hearts and continues to symbolize pride and love in the LGBTQ community.