‘The Courtship’ Leading Lady, Nicole Remy, Might Look Familiar to Dating Show Fans

On March 6, NBC will premiere a dating show that promises to remove modern distractions and reinstate old-world rules to help one lucky lady find love. The Courtship promises to meld Bridgerton with The Bachelor for an entirely new take on old-school dating. The show’s leading lady, Nicole Remy, might look a little familiar to superfans of ABC’s The Bachelor, though. 

What is the premise of ‘The Courtship’? 

The Courtship might look a lot like other dating shows upon first glance. NBC promises something a little different for viewers to sink their teeth into, though. The new dating competition is taking the process of finding a romantic partner back to the Regency era, long before dating apps were the way people connected. 


The show’s leading lady, Nicole Remy, will spend her time living in a legitimate castle in England while she courts a slew of men. Her family will be heavily involved in the courting process. According to several press releases, her family will help her learn more about the men who wish to win her heart. Modern distractions won’t exist, and old-world etiquette will be required.

Who is Nicole Remy? 

Nicole Remy is the lead of The Courtship and plenty is known about the Washington native ahead of the season premiere. Remy, 26, is a graduate of the University of Southern California. She works as a software engineer for an app developer. 

Before entering the corporate world, Remy had a passion for dance. She was a dance team member at USC and even spent two years as a dancer for the Seattle Seahawks. While little is known about Remy’s family right now, The Courtship fans will learn plenty along the way. Remy isn’t a complete unknown, though. She almost appeared on a different dating show. 

Nicole Remy was a part of ‘The Bachelor 25’

Remy was initially introduced as one of the contestants of The Bachelor ahead of the January 2021 season premiere. She never actually appeared on the show, though. According to Cosmopolitan, Remy was part of the original 44 potential contestants but was cut ahead of the season premiere. Five other contestants, including another NFL cheerleader and a woman who had previously dated Matt James, were also cut before filming.

James was initially set to appear in The Bachelorette. He was later elevated to the lead of The Bachelor for a later season. James’ season ended with him choosing to date Rachael Kirkconnell, a graphic designer. James and Kirkconnell dated for a while after filming but split while the show was still airing. In April 2021, the pair reconnected. 

According to Us Magazine, the couple was spotted spending time together across the United States in the months since they reconciled. They even reconnected in Pennsylvania, where their season was filmed in January 2022. 

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