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The Courtship aims to find a husband for Nicole Rémy. But it looks like one of the suitors on the reality TV show might make the unexpected move to hit on her best friend. Here is what to expect in episode 3.

‘The Courtship’ forces suitors to win over the star’s friends and family

The reality dating show has the cast trying to find love through Regency-era courtship. This means their dates will be escorted by members of her court including Rémy’s parents, Claire Spain-Rémy and Claude Rémy, her sister Danie Baker, and her friend Tessa Cleary. 

The season started with the members of the court meeting the suitors first. They then picked which men would get more time with the star later in the evening.

The following episodes also have members of the court decide who gets more time with the heroine. So it’s very important that the suitors get close to them. But the teaser for the next episode shows one person might have gotten too close to someone else.

Does a suitor hit on someone in Nicole Rémy’s friend?

The second episode ended by teasing the events in the third episode. It showed the suitors competing in a game of cricket. Peter Saffa strikes out and has to wait on the sidelines. He takes that opportunity to chat up one member of the court.

“It’s been a minute since I’ve had like some one-on-one time with an attractive young person,” he tells Tessa Cleary. Host and narrator Rick Edwards teases the moment with, “Others have taken their eyes off the prize.” Cleary doesn’t look happy about Saffa’s comment. It’ll likely get back to Rémy.

It looks like the episode might end with a surprising moment. The cast is in the ballroom, and the doors open in one scene. Whatever or whoever is on the other side makes Rémy gasp.

Who is Peter Saffa?

Nicole Remy, far right, standing in a line with her parents, friend Tessa, and sister Danie, all in Regency dress, in 'The Courtship'
Claude Rémy, Claire Rémy, Tessa Cleary, Danie Baker, Nicole Rémy on ‘The Courtship’ | Sean Gleason/NBC

‘The Courtship’: Which Cast Members Are on Instagram?

The social media manager is from Defiance, M.O. In his letter to Rémy, he described himself as a personal trainer. He seemed very confident in the first episode.

“I got the hair,” he said in an interview. “I got the jawline. I’ve got the physique, the teeth. I don’t know, man. I kind of got it all and I’m just going with it.” He admitted there is room for improvement when it comes to dancing. Saffa was one of the men selected by the court to sit down and talk with Rémy some more.

The second episode showed the cast going out in boats on a lake. Saffa had a quick moment flirting with Cleary on that date. So this isn’t his first time giving another woman attention.