‘The Craft: Legacy’: How They Got That Cameo From a Star of the Original

The Craft came out in 1996. It starred Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney, Fairuza Balk and Rachel True as high school teenagers who discover they have the power of witchcraft. The Craft: Legacy tells the story of four new high school girls in 2020 who also explore their powers of witchcraft. By now, you may have learned that one of the stars of the original Craft movie makes an appearance. 

[Spoiler alert: This story contains a major cameo spoiler for The Craft: Legacy.]

The Craft: Legacy
L-R: Zoey Luna, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone and Cailee Spaeny | Sony Pictures

The Craft: Legacy writer/director Zoe Lister-Jones spoke with reporters on a conference call about the new film. She addressed her film’s major cameo as long as Showbiz Cheat Sheet promised not to reveal it until after fans discovered it themselves. The Craft: Legacy has been available on VOD since Oct. 28 and this is the last spoiler warning for the cameo.

It was easy to get Fairuza Balk to say yes to ‘The Craft: Legacy’

The Craft: Legacy follows Lili (Cailee Spaeny), a new arrival in town who becomes the coven’s fourth witch. Through the film, Lili learns her mother (Michelle Monaghan) adopted her. After harnessing the coven’s powers and defeating a foe, Lili seeks out her biological mother.

Who does it turn out to be, but Nancy Downs (Balk). Nancy was the leader of the original coven, but the power corrupted her. The backstory Lili’s mom tells her also suggests Nancy was worried her daughter would take after her.

The Craft: Fairuza Balk
Fairuza Balk | Columbia Pictures/Getty Images

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“She and I had an immediate connection that allowed for the process to be effortless in that way,” Lister-Jones said. “I hope that we have more opportunities to work together in the future.”

When ‘The Craft’ met ‘The Craft: Legacy’

Whether Lili was Nancy’s daughter or not, The Craft: Legacy introduced a new generation of witches. Lili’s friends Tabby (Lovie Simone), Lourdes (Zoey Luna) and Frankie (Gideon Adlon) represent the modern teenagers and their power. Lister-Jones said Balk supported her new vision for The Craft.

Witches in The Craft: Legacy
L-R: Zoey Luna, Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone and Cailee Spaeny | Sony Pictures

“She is also one of the most gracious and generous and loving human beings,” Lister-Jones said. “It’s truly an honor to know her so I’ll just say that.”

Zoe Lister-Jones fangirled over Fairuza Balk

Lister-Jones has met her share of famous people in her career as an actor and writer/director. On Life In Pieces she co-stars with James Brolin and Dianne Weist. She starred with Greta Gerwig in her script Lola Versus. She’s been in movies with Will Ferrell, Ryan Gosling, Angelina Jolie and more, but Balk spoke to the Lister-Jones who watched The Craft in 1996.

The Craft: Legacy
L-R: Zoey Luna, Gideon Adlon, Loie Simone and Cailee Spaeny | Sony Pictures

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“I idolize Fairuza Balk,” Lister-Jones said. “ I idolize her. I’ve idolized her my entire life. I think she’s one of the great actors of my generation and sort of unsung in that way. So just from a fan standpoint, it was the biggest thrill ever.”