The Craziest Thing Johnny Depp Has Ever Done Involves $3 Million, a Cannon, & Someone’s Ashes

Johnny Depp is known for many films and accomplishments, but it is his friendship with Hunter S. Thompson that stands out. It is not unknown for celebrities to be questioned about how they spend their free time and finances. This rings especially true for the popular movie star Depp. Depp and Thompson were notorious for living life largely. Find out the details behind why Depp spent 3 million dollars on cannon, and what it had to with Thompson. 

Who is Hunter S. Thompson?

Thompson was born in Kentucky in 1937. At the time, no one knew what an impact Thompson would have on the world and society. Thompson’s father died when he was relatively young, and his mother struggled with alcoholism. His less than perfect upbringing mostly brought on challenges for Thompson at a young age. He often found himself labeled as the prankster or making troubling decisions. However, regardless of his shenanigans, Thompson always made writing a priority.

From a young age, Thompson was passionate about writing. Thompson’s hard work and genuine interest led him to be accepted as a member of the Athenaeum Literary Association. His inspiration and commitment to his craft are most likely what helped him from straying too far as a youth.

Thompson found his niche in American journalism. Over the years he explored many different places as he took on a variety of assignments. It was his work from the 1970s that put Thompson on the map. Thompson’s career and fame significantly grew with the publication of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The novel told a complicated and intriguing story that portrayed the “American Dream” of the 1960s.

Aside from writing novels, Thompson was often and frequently working for publications like Rolling Stone. Surprisingly enough, it didn’t take long for Thompson to eventually develop his own style of journalism. Eliminating objectivity and truly becoming part of the story were the trademarks of this form of journalism. Because of Thompson, “Gonzo journalism” was taking the world by storm.

Johnny Depp wearing a fedora
Johnny Depp | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis/Getty Images

How did Hunter S. Thompson and Johnny Depp meet?

Thompson was a man who lived largely and unapologetically. In retrospect, it makes complete and total sense that Thompson would become such good friends with the popular actor Depp. Depp was in the process of developing an identity and reputation that matched his lavish and gigantic personality. Over time, Depp has spent an alarming amount of money on a variety of things. It has been shared that Depp has spent 18 million dollars on a yacht and about $30,000 a month on wine. Those are just two of the astronomical numbers that testify to Depp’s spending habits.

Thompson and Depp immediately connected when they first met in 1994. Depp shared that their southern background and love for literature instantly bonded them. Whether they realized it or not, when they first met on that fateful night at Woody Creek Tavern, it was the start of a new era. Depp became a valued friend and member of the “Too-Much-Fun-Club.” At times, Depp was even living with Thompson. There are many ways to describe the beloved relationship but Depp shares that, ultimately, they were like brothers.

Why did Johnny Depp spend three million dollars on a cannon?

In 2005 Thompson ended his life. For so many people, this news came as a shock. Thompson’s friends and families struggled to make sense of the tragedy while grieving the adored icon. In typical Thompson fashion, he was planning on doing things his way. Medical issues were preventing Thompson from living his life fully and the way he wanted. Thompson left an infamous letter behind and detailed plans for his funeral. Part of those details included using a cannon to blast his ashes back into the world. The request seemed absolutely ludicrous and maybe even a little unsafe. Luckily, Thompson knew he could count on Depp even when Thompson was no longer here. Depp was happy to spend 3 million dollars honoring the life and wishes of one of his closest confidants. After all, Thompson will always be one of the greatest names of the literary world.