‘The Crown’ Will Have Real-Life Father-Son Duo Play Princes Charles and William

Fans should expect to see plenty of focus on Princess Diana following her divorce in The Crown. The show reportedly will have a whole episode of her 1995 interview. The new season also will have more appearances of Prince Charles and their two sons.

More news of the casting has come out. One of the stars joining the ensemble as Prince Charles is Dominic West. Additionally, his real-life son will appear alongside him as his on-screen kid.

‘The Crown’ gives an inside look of the royal family

The Crown focuses on the life of Great Britain’s monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Currently, there are four seasons that cover major events and how she handles them. Some people commend the show for its depiction, and others have criticisms. Viewers also get to see the family dynamics and drama as well.

Each season covers a specific time period up to the early 21st century. The first season starts with the queen’s wedding. She later ascends the throne, and fans can see her early reign up to 1955. Other depicted events in later seasons include the Suez crisis and the Aberfan disaster.

The show has been recast multiple times since everyone gets older over the course of the series. Claire Foy and Matt Smith portrayed Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, respectively. In the most recent season, Olivia Coleman and Tobias Menzies played the royal couple.

The cast will go through some more changes for seasons 5 and 6. The upcoming episodes will depict the divorce of Princess Diana and Prince Charles and its aftermath. The showrunners plan to end the historical drama after season 6.

Dominic West will play Prince Charles

Dominic West as Prince Charles on 'The Crown' stands on a balcony in a suit.
Dominic West as Prince Charles on ‘The Crown’ | Netflix/Keith Bernstein

According to Insider, one cast change includes Dominic West replacing Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles. The actor will be in both seasons 5 and 6 of The Crown. One of his kids also will star in the Netflix series as his on-screen son. 

West is an English actor and musician, and one of his first films was True Blue in 1996. He later landed roles in The Phantom Menace and 300. West’s first television appearance was in Out of Hours in 1998. He played Dr. Paul Featherstone for several episodes.

Some people may recognize West from the hit crime drama The Wire. The actor had the role of Detective Jimmy McNulty from 2002 to 2008. West got the part because his audition tape stood out. He did not have anyone else to do the scene with, so the actor reacted to silence.

In West’s personal life, he is the father of five kids. He had four of them with his wife, Catherine FitzGerald. The couple first met as students at Trinity College in Dublin, and they got married in 2010.

Senan West will be Prince William

In previous interviews, West mentioned that he did not want his kids to get into acting. However, a couple of them remain interested in the career. One of them is Dominic West’s son Senan West—he will appear in the fifth season of The Crown.

Senan West is 13 years old, and he will get to play Prince Charles’ older son, Prince William. However, it is unknown who will be his on-screen younger brother. Reports indicate that Senan West got the part after submitting an audition tape. The real-life father-son duo may add to the realism in the show.

Senan West likely will appear in the latter half of the upcoming season. The role of the young prince is the actor’s first gig. Viewers will get to see the beginning of his potential career. Fans can expect new episodes to arrive in November 2022.

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