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Fans of The Crown are up in arms over the most recent season 4, which is finally tackling the complicated topic of Prince Charles, Princess Diana, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. Most royal followers know the story of the scandalous affair and how it negatively affected the British monarchy. But watching the drama play out on the screen has brought renewed interest to the topic.

For most viewers, it’s having a negative effect on Prince Charles’ reputation at a very delicate time. Soon the Prince of Wales will become king and all this focus on his past mistakes isn’t good for his image.

However, some fans are starting to think maybe Charles wasn’t the villain after all.

Prince Charles loved Camilla Parker Bowles but couldn’t marry her

Prince Charles and Camilla Shand
Prince Charles and Camilla Shand | Tim Graham/Getty Images

The Prince of Wales met and fell in love with Camilla Shand long before he knew Diana. Unfortunately, their relationship was never going to work because of who she was and who he was. Charles wasn’t one for breaking rules or bucking tradition like his relative King Edward VIII, even when it came to love.

Camilla didn’t come from a proper lineage plus she wasn’t a virgin. These facts deemed her “inappropriate” to become future queen consort. Though Prince Charles was permitted to date her and have some fun, he was forbidden from letting the relationship go further than that.

‘The Crown’ explores the difficult situation Prince Charles was in

After watching Prince Charles suffer through a difficult childhood with a cool, distant Queen Elizabeth as his mother, fans are slightly more sympathetic to see the heir once again being denied happiness. Knowing now that all Charles wanted was to marry a woman he loved, regardless of the rules, it’s easier than ever to feel bad that he felt forced to choose duty over romance.

And it’s obvious he never meant to hurt Princess Diana and truly thought he could push aside his feelings for Camilla if he married someone else. When the Prince of Wales became engaged, he barely knew his bride, though he certainly recognized her charm and beauty. Sadly, he couldn’t know how ill-suited they were personality-wise or how it would affect their future together.

Most fans are still furious at Prince Charles

Prince Charles and Princess Diana
Prince Charles and Princess Diana | Anwar Hussein/WireImage

Why Didn’t Prince Charles Love Princess Diana? This Is Why Their Marriage Fell Apart

While some fans feel slightly more sympathetic for Prince Charles, most are still angry that he violated his marriage vows and destroyed his marriage and family. And many viewers still feel worst for both Camilla and Princess Diana most of all.

After all, it was Charles’ choice to violate his marriage vows and conduct an affair with his former flame. The Crown is also hammering home the point that Diana truly loved Charles and wanted to make the marriage work even though she was quite aware he was in love with someone else.

The entire situation is heartbreaking and worst of all, avoidable. But the series at least brings some humanity to all the people involved and shows exactly how and why it all happened. Hopefully, the royal family will never see a scandal like that again.