‘The Crown’ Season 4 Is Pretty Accurate, But A Few Key Moments Are Largely Fabricated

Season 4 of The Crown is focused on the Princess Diana years. While much of the princess’ relationship with Prince Charles is no surprise, there have been a few shocking stories told in the season, and they don’t all focus on Princess Diana. Is everything said in The Crown true? While the tales are true, some creative license has been taken.

Michael Fagan insists his break-in didn’t happen the way it was depicted in The Crown

While fans were most excited to see the marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana play out on season 4 of The Crown, there are plenty of other interesting royal stories. This season also focused on the royal intruder, a man named Michael Fagan. While Fagan did break into Buckingham Palace twice, he insists The Crown took serious creative license.

Promotional poster for 'The Crown'
Promotional poster for ‘The Crown’ | Netflix

Speaking with Mirror, Fagan admits that he did break into the palace twice, but neither time did he have a long and lengthy conversation with the queen, as depicted in The Crown. He told the publication that he was scared off by a maid the first time he broke into the palace. The second time, he said, he did encounter the queen, but they never had a 30-minute long conversation at the foot of her bed.

Princess Diana probably didn’t roller skate in the main quarters of the palace

The Crown is no stranger to drama, but season 4 dropped a surprising tidbit of information on fans. The series claims Princess Diana enjoyed roller-skating through Buckingham Palace while listening to Duran Duran. The abnormal activity does not seem particularly befitting of a princess, but did it actually happen?

The Crown S4. Picture shows: Princess Diana (EMMA CORRIN). Filming location: Goldsmiths Hall

While several sources claim the princess did roller-skate in the house, she likely didn’t do so in the high-traffic area shown in the series. If she did go skating through the palace, it was likely in a far-off part of the building, claim insiders. There is evidence to suggest it’s something she would do, though. Princess Diana was photographed rollerblading on multiple occasions. According to The Telegraph, Princess Diana spent a fair amount of time rollerblading around Kensington Palace’s gardens.

Queen Elizabeth II’s feud with Margaret Thatcher is partly speculation  

Season 4 has focused heavily on the feud between Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher. The series focused on the queen’s initial high hopes of Thatcher as prime minister and her distaste that developed over time. While historians claim there was a frosty relationship, the queen has never spoken publicly about any feud, and neither had Thatcher.

Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher visit Zambia for the Commonwealth conference in 1979
Queen Elizabeth II and Margaret Thatcher | Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

What Happened When an Armed Intruder Tried Breaking Into Kensington Palace While Princess Diana, William, and Harry Were Asleep?

What seems to be true is that Thatcher did fail the Balmoral test. According To O: The Oprah Magazine, the test is very much real. During a weekend at the royal family’s rural escape, visitors are scrutinized by the family. According to a royal historian, Princess Diana passed the test with flying colors. Thatcher failed it miserably.