‘The Crown’: Who Is Prince Andrew’s American Girlfriend, Actor Koo Stark?

Season 4 of The Crown dives into the royal family and this time that includes Princess Diana. But Prince Andrew (Tom Byrne), the Duke of York, also makes an appearance and there is talk of him dating an American actor. This is who they were talking about in the episode and how their relationship ended.

Prince Andrew talks about dating on ‘The Crown’

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In the episode “Favourites,” Queen Elizabeth II (Olivia Colman) starts to wonder which one of her children is her favorite. She decides to set up a meeting with each of them to figure this out.

Prince Andrew makes a big entrance by flying in on a helicopter. He then sits down with his mother and asks what title she will give him once he’s married. She then asks him if he’s thinking about getting married.

“I’m not…well this latest one is quite something,” he answers. The queen says she heard he’s been seeing an American actress and describes her as a “young, racy American actress.”

His mother makes it known that she isn’t familiar with her work. “You’re not familiar with The Awakening of Emily?” he asked. He tells her it might not be her cup of tea, but goes on to describe the film. He claims it’s not “blue” but her character, Emily meets older perverted predators who seduce her. The queen asks if it’s legal given the actor was a teenager and he answered, “Who cares?”

The real actor is Koo Stark

Koo Stark, former girlfriend of Britain's Prince Andrew, leaves Isleworth Crown Court in Isleworth
Koo Stark, former girlfriend of Britain’s Prince Andrew, leaves Isleworth Crown Court in Isleworth | LEON NEAL/AFP via Getty Images

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The actor had the stage name of Koo Stark. She has 12 credits to her name and she acted from 1974 to 1989. Her biggest movie was Electric Dreams, which shows a computer and man fighting over a woman. She starred in The Awakening of Emily in 1976.

Her real name is Kathleen Dee-Anne Stark. Stark dated him after his breakup with Sarah, Duchess of York. They met on a blind date in 1982, according to The Daily Mail. The relationship later ended with him breaking up with her after it was revealed she filmed a lesbian shower scene in Emily when she was just 17 years old.

They managed to continue to be friends

Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II in 'The Crown'
Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II in ‘The Crown’ | Netflix/Des Willie

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There were rumors the couple was considering on getting married, but that never happened. Stark now lives as a photographer and has a daughter with Warren Walker.

She still has a close relationship with the duke after their breakup. He is the godfather of her child. The Sun reported that she lives in London.

The show makes it seem like the queen was told about Stark’s movie by her son. But it’s not quite clear if that actually happened. Either way, the scene helped her character come to a realization about how she feels about her children.