The Cruel Reason Prince William Was Bullied In School About Princess Diana

While it may very well be true that in some ways, the royal family members lead very sheltered lives, but in other ways, they are quite similar to the rest of us. Bullying is a problem no matter who a person is, and the unfortunate reality is, that even high-profile people such as Prince William have had to deal with it at some point.

As we know, Prince William‘s life has basically been an open book since the day he was born. Everything surrounding his family somehow makes its way into the news, whether it is good or bad. Prince William, who went to a private school, was cruelly bullied at school because of incidents pertaining to Princess Diana.

Princess Diana wanted to give her sons a normal upbringing

Diana, Princess of Wales with her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.
Princess Diana with her two sons: Prince William and Prince Harry. | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

It is no secret that Prince William’s mother, Princess Diana, wanted her sons to have a normal life. She was adamant about teaching them things that other people do on a regular basis, such as doing volunteer work to help those who were less fortunate than they were.

While most people assume that Prince William and Prince Harry had their every need tended to, this couldn’t be further from the truth. According to some reports, Princess Diana showed them the importance of everyday things, such as standing in line to buy a fast food meal and walking around theme parks like other kids their age.

Princess Diana was constantly followed by photographers

Although Prince William wanted to be a “regular” kid, this wasn’t always an easy thing to do. As the son of England’s future king, and the future king himself, he has been in the public eye for his whole life.

As we know, Princess Diana struggled with being followed by photographers, with The Baltimore Sun reporting that she was one of the most photographed women in the entire world. Not all of these photographs caught Princess Diana in her best moments, however. On more than one occasion, the late princess may have been photographed off-guard or in a private moment.

Why was Prince William bullied at school?

When Prince William was only 14, he felt the effects of one of Princess Diana’s photographs in a cruel and hurtful way. According to Us Weekly, the young prince called his mother in tears, telling her that his classmates were teasing him after seeing topless photographs of Princess Diana that were taken while she was sunbathing in Spain.

As if that weren’t horrible enough, Prince William was bullied even further, according to a Vogue Magazine publisher. His peers went on to say that Princess Diana’s breasts were “too small.”

The bullying was not an isolated incident

As they say, history repeats itself, and this is exactly what happened. Many years later, E! News reports that the prince was once again angry when photographers were intrusive. They took pictures of his wife, Kate Middleton, sunbathing topless as Prince William rubbed sunscreen on her back. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were devastated at the violation of their privacy, and luckily, they took action and filed a lawsuit as a result of what they had experienced.

The royals know that as a famous family who is in the spotlight most of the time, people take a great interest in everything that they do. However, the fact remains that they are entitled to their private time, and should not have to deal with bullying over any situation that they are in.