‘The Dropout’: When Are New Episodes on Hulu? Episode 7 Release Date and Time

The Dropout is exploring the rise and fall of Theranos on Hulu, and recent episodes have begun recounting how Elizabeth Holmes (Amanda Seyfried) got exposed. The latest installment of this fictionalized account sees both employees and the press catching onto the corruption happening at the company. Naturally, viewers are eager to get to The Dropout Episode 7 — so, what is its release date on Hulu?

[Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Dropout Episode 6, “Iron Sisters.]

‘The Dropout’ Episode 6 begins lifting the curtain on Theranos

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The Dropout Episode 6 sees the curtain lifting on Theranos, with multiple parties catching onto what Elizabeth and Sunny (Naveen Andrews) are doing. As Elizabeth prepares for her 30th birthday party, two new employees realize the company is fabricating test results. Erika (Camryn Mi-young Kim) and Tyler (Dylan Minnette) try to make noise internally, but Elizabeth and Sunny find ways to shut them down.

Meanwhile, Richard (William H. Macy) and Phyllis (Laurie Metcalf) approach a reporter at the Wall Street Journal about Elizabeth’s fraud. They get Rochelle Gibbons (Kate Burton) to share what her husband told her. However, the group needs more than secondary sources to lock in a story.

The end of “Iron Sisters” suggests the outlet may get what they’re looking for from Erika and Tyler. Knowing that Tyler helped expose the company in real life, it seems likely The Dropout Episode 7 will finally see Elizabeth and Sunny’s lies catching up to them. When does it debut?

‘The Dropout’ Episode 7 release date and time

Naveen Andrews and Amanda Seyfried as Sunny Balwani and Elizabeth Holmes in 'The Dropout' Episode 7. They're sitting at a white table, and Seyfried's character is drinking green juice.
Naveen Andrews and Amanda Seyfried in ‘The Dropout’ | Beth Dubber/Hulu

With the truth about Theranos bubbling to the surface, viewers are eager to see what happens next. So, what is the release date for The Dropout Episode 7?

Hulu drops new episodes of the series every Thursday at 12:01 a.m. EST. The next chapter will follow the usual schedule, bringing viewers one step away from the finale.

Courtesy of Decider, here’s the full release schedule for The Dropout:

  • March 3: Ep. 1-3
  • March 10: Ep. 4
  • March 17: Ep. 5
  • March 24: Ep. 6
  • March 31: Ep. 7
  • April 7: Ep. 8

Given all that occurred in this week’s installment, viewers can expect Elizabeth and Sunny to find themselves in hot water in the remaining chapters. What else do we know about episode 7?

What to expect when episode 7 drops on Hulu

The Dropout Episode 7 is titled “Heroes,” and it will push Elizabeth and Sunny to deal with the accusations leveraged against them. Until now, they’ve been able to sweep most suspicions under the rug. But with the Wall Street Journal looking into Theranos, they’re facing a much bigger — and more public — predicament.

The Hulu synopsis confirms the duo will be on the defensive, and it also promises to put Tyler and Erika in more difficult positions:

“Under intense scrutiny from the Wall Street Journal, Elizabeth and Sunny double down on defense. Tyler and Erika face a difficult choice.”

“Heroes” will also need to set the stage for the final chapter of the series, which should catch viewers up to Elizabeth’s trial and conviction. The show opens with her on the stand, so we can expect to see how she got there in the remaining installments.

The first six episodes of The Dropout are currently streaming on Hulu.

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