The Empowering Reason Why Shay Mitchell Doesn’t Have Imposter Syndrome

Shay Mitchell went from relative obscurity to star status when she appeared on Pretty Little Liars more than a decade ago. Since then, the actor has continued to see success not only in her television career but also in the development of her own personal lifestyle brand. The launch of a travel accessory brand has made Mitchell a successful entrepreneur. 

Living in the spotlight and being willing to take business risks is not for the faint of heart. Recently, Mitchell opened up about how she manages the pressures that come along with such a high-profile life. Amazingly, the star’s confidence is not only impressive but inspiring. 

Shay Mitchell has expanded her acting roles 

Shay Mitchell
Shay Mitchell | Getty Images/ANGELA WEISS/AFP

Since appearing on Pretty Little Liars, an ABC Family program that centers around a high school clique, Mitchell has worked to expand beyond the potential typecasting that happens to so many actors who appear on family-friendly networks. Her appearance in the creepy and decidedly not family-friendly series You helped to solidify her acting abilities and demonstrate that she has an impressive range. 

Further roles in the series Dollface, a Hulu original comedy, and The Heiresses, an ABC crime drama, have demonstrated that Mitchell is here to stay and that her success in the acting world has not yet reached its peak. 

Shay Mitchell stays busy with family and work 

In the fall of 2019, Mitchell welcomed her first child, a daughter named Atlas Noa. This addition to her family placed new responsibilities on Mitchell and gave her the opportunity to display her confidence and sense of self.

When critics took to social media to vent anger at the star for partying “three days” after the birth of her child, Mitchell responded in a way that made it clear she was not here for the haters. “It wasn’t three days and I left her with [my dog] Angel,” the star quipped.

Clearly, she has no space in her life for people who only want to bring her down, and it’s that attitude and approach that have given her what she needs to be a successful businesswoman. In the midst of her busy acting career, Mitchell found the time to launch Béis, an affordable travel accessory brand. 

In an interview with Entrepreneur, Mitchell explained her motivation for the move: “I realized that there was a lack of chic, affordable and functional travel out there in the space. So I was either able to fall in love with this luggage that wasn’t functional and was completely out of my budget or I would be able to see maybe not-so-nice luggage which had no functionality and was super affordable. There wasn’t anything there. So we created it.”

Imposter syndrome is not a problem for Shay Mitchell 

In another interview, this time with Romper, Mitchell reveals how she manages to stay so confident in the face of so much public scrutiny. The interviewer asked Mitchell about “impostor syndrome,” the well-known phenomenon in which successful people struggle to feel like they belong and that everyone will soon find out they don’t deserve the success they have. 

“Oh yeah, no. No, I don’t have that,” Mitchell responded. 

“You just don’t have it?” the interviewer pressed, obviously a little taken aback. 

Shaking her head, Mitchell continued: “I mean, what separates us from other people that are doing things we wish we could do? Just your will and your own self-doubt. So, if I remove my self-doubt, then the sky isn’t the limit. I could do anything. We all could do anything.”

Clearly, not only is Mitchell confident about what she does and who she is, but she does not believe that confidence is anything particularly unique to her. She wants us all to find our trust in ourselves, and that’s an empowering position.