The End of ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Could Launch Quake Into the Bigger MCU

The continuation of characters from ABC’s Agents of SHIELD is still a debatable topic on social media from MCU fans. With all the Marvel TV/streaming shows coming to an end and being deemed non-canon, continuing any of them into the MCU only grows more problematic. Some might say that was a hole Marvel probably wishes they never dug.

Will Marvel’s upcoming film impact ‘Agents of SHIELD’? | Photo by John Fleenor/ABC via Getty Images

Some SHIELD characters would still make sense transitioning, though, considering their respective comic book storylines. One on the wish list is Quake, aka Daisy Johnson.

Fans wonder whether she can logically transition into the MCU with the same actress portraying her (Chloe Bennet). With her character being one of the most standout SHIELD characters, a good argument exists not to waste the opportunity.

Why was Daisy Johnson named Quake?

For those not attuned to Marvel comic book history, the name Quake came from Daisy Johnson realizing she had the ability to generate vibration waves. This enables her to create an effect similar to earthquakes.

However, she also has a lot of other amazing skills that never fall under the guise of a superpower. Her training under the SHIELD program with Nick Fury enabled her to create combat skills of the highest order. Part of this includes athletic skills going beyond what other human-like superheroes have.

Chloe Bennet made her version of Quake for Agents of SHIELD very memorable, including having one amazing action scene a Reddit user recently posted from the series. It was an example of how big the budget was for the show before being cut back.

What many never knew was executive producer Jed Whedon took two different storylines from the comic books to create the TV version of Quake everyone saw.

Quake became the center of attention for a while on ‘Agents of SHIELD’

To create a unique character for SHIELD, Whedon invented a major revelation not from the comic books: Quake/Daisy Johnson was an Inhuman. Marvel used this term as a stand-in for “Mutant”, but only because Fox owned the rights to the mutant/X-Men characters.

What this did is take Quake away from the comics so fans could enjoy some surprises about her. Initially, her name was known as Skye, not knowing her real birth name was Daisy. Kept intact was finding out her dad was the supervillain known as Mr. Hyde or Calvin Zabo.

At this point, Chloe Bennet also became critical of Agents of SHIELD because Marvel began focusing on the MCU more than their TV show properties. Who could blame her when her character was becoming so popular and the network/streaming shows began to flounder?

Said Bennet once about the matter: “I don’t know. People who make movies for Marvel, why don’t you acknowledge what happens on our show? Why don’t you guys go ask them that? ‘Cause they don’t seem to care!”

Did Chloe Bennet ruin any chance of her Quake crossing over to the MCU?

Any loyal viewer for Agents of SHIELD likely cheered Bennet on when criticizing her own employer over the above matter. She was right, though how MCU execs felt about her speaking out is another thing.

Despite fans wanting to see Quake cross over to the MCU movies, Bennet may not be involved after bravely griping about the lack of corporate support. In the comics, Quake ultimately becomes an Avenger, making it all the more feasible she should come back.

Other media analysts also delved into the reasons Quake should show up in an MCU movie. A notable reason is comic book accuracy, if also a chance to delve into the Secret Warriors plot of the comics, something Quake was involved in.

With Disney+ available, fans will no doubt lobby for Quake’s own series as well. Whether she comes back or not, having her back would, at best, help finally link Agents of SHIELD with the MCU as Bennet initially wanted.