‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ Star Sebastian Stan Reveals Which of Bucky’s Metal Arms Is His Favorite

Marvel’s newest Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been a big hit among fans. The show stars Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie, who have reprised their roles as the Winter Soldier and Falcon, respectively. 

When the time came for production to begin on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Stan had a few problems with his Winter Soldier costume. One of his biggest was with the suit’s metal arm, which was very difficult to use and uncomfortable to wear.

The metal arm on Stan’s costume has gone through quite a few changes, both appearance-wise and functionally. And throughout all of the adjustments, Stan has one metal arm design, in particular, that’s his favorite. 

Sebastian Stan’s costume has gone through many changes

Sebastian Stan attends GQ Style & Hugo Boss celebrate Amazing Spaces
Sebastian Stan attends GQ Style & Hugo Boss celebrate Amazing Spaces | Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for GQ Style

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Stan discussed the evolution of the metal arm during a recent interview with BBC Radio 1

“Well the arm itself has changed,” Stan said. “The first arm was really really difficult to work with.”

The arm became so problematic for the production team that they ended up having to make adjustments to it just so Stan could use it.

“In fact, we had to have it broken in two pieces because the one-piece in itself, like, the hero one, the particular material that shined and looked the most metal was a really hard material,” Stan said. “So … just getting it to use it was extremely difficult.”

He refused to wear the less shiny arm in favor of the hard, uncomfortable one

Even though Stan knew that the older, shinier arm was significantly less comfortable than other models the crew had made, he still had a preference for it because of its look. 

“But again, that also informed [a] kind of a behavior of the character in a way and I remember refusing to wear the less shiny one,” Stan said. “I wanted the hard, uncomfortable material because that was gonna look the best.

He really likes the flexibility of the new arm but has a connection to the old arm

In comparison, Stan readily admitted that the newer metal arm he works with provides the most comfort. 

“And then this particular one was the most flexible one, and again, it’s like one piece,” Stan said. “Obviously, you can’t be a whole, full-on arm, right? Because otherwise how are you going to get into it. But it was the most comfortable one.”

The Winter Soldier loves the old arm most 

Despite all of his feelings about how impractical the old metal arm is, Stan can’t let go of his love for the old arm. 

“I still find myself sometimes catering to the old one because it just had such a specific shine to it and it was so iconic in the comic book.”

Even though Stan’s love for the old arm is understandable, it’s not necessarily logical. He also admitted in the interview that the old arm has caused some physical damage to his body. 

“So physically I definitely had some love wounds from my partner in crime, the left arm,” Stan added.”