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Though The Fallout hasn’t been made available to the general public just yet, many people are clamoring to see the movie. Featuring a star-studded cast with the likes of Jenna Ortega, Maddie Ziegler, and Shailene Woodley, the film had already garnered interest. However, when it won the Grand Jury Prize in the Narrative Feature Film Competition at South by Southwest, interest in the movie hit a fever pitch.

The Fallout movie star Jenna Ortega
‘The Fallout’ cast member Jenna Ortega | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

What is ‘The Fallout’ movie about?

But what is The Fallout even about? The movie follows a high school student, Vada (played by Ortega) as she attempts to cope with her emotions following a school shooting. Vada struggles to navigate relationships with her friends, family, and peers in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Maddie Ziegler feels grateful she was cast alongside Jenna Ortega

Because of the emotional stakes of the movie, it was often challenging for the cast. Ziegler especially struggled a bit with imposter syndrome while portraying Vada’s friend, Mia. Because Ziegler is newer to acting and instead comes from a dance background, she was constantly learning things on the set of The Fallout. Fortunately, she and Ortega were able to bond and lean on each other in order to make the film a success.

“I was very lucky to have Jenna with me and I think we just fed off each other’s energy,” Ziegler shared with ET when reflecting on The Fallout. “I’m still so new and still such a beginner, so that’s why I’m so honored to be in this movie alongside Jenna and everyone else. “I’m like, ‘I don’t feel like I should be here,’ but just learning from Megan [Park, the movie’s director] and Jenna, I’m so inspired.”

Ortega and Ziegler were nervous about the drunk scenes

Ziegler may have learned from watching Ortega, who has been acting since she was six, but the You star occasionally experiences nerves on set just like the dancer. In fact, both cast members were anxious to film the scenes in The Fallout movie where their characters were supposed to be intoxicated.

“We were both really nervous to film the drunk scenes,” Ziegler revealed about herself and Ortega. “I think it was just because we’re both pretty mellow, for the most part, in real life… I was really nervous about that.” But how did The Fallout cast members combat their nerves? According to the West Side Story actor, sugar helped them through it.

How the actors got through the drunk montage

“As the night was going on, we were just more and more crazy,” Ziegler shared about filming the drunk montage in The Fallout. “We were drinking Slurpees, we had candy, so we were just on a sugar rush. So it definitely helps the process, I think.”


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Where to watch ‘The Fallout’ movie

We’re sure fans can’t wait to see how Ortega and Ziegler handled the drunk scenes in the movie. Fortunately, eager fans likely won’t have to wait much longer. Back in July, HBO Max acquired the distribution rights to the movie so, hopefully, it will be available for streaming sooner rather than later.