‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel Feels ‘Neglected’ and Pedro Feels Alone in Their Marriage

On The Family Chantel Season 4, Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett’s marriage continues to fall apart. 90 Day Fiancé stars Chantel wants Pedro to put in more effort and feels ‘neglected’ by her husband. Meanwhile, Pedro spends all his time working and staying out of the house. Despite being married, he feels completely “alone.”

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno sitting together on a couch, during an interview for 'The Family Chantel'.
Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett on ‘The Family Chantel’ | TLC: YouTube

Pedro refuses to go to a wedding with Chantel

On the July 18 episode of The Family Chantel, Chantel is getting ready for her coworker’s wedding. She says, “I’m going to this wedding by myself because Pedro doesn’t want to come.”

She reveals to the cameras, “He’d rather work. He says that he doesn’t know the couple and they’re my friends, and he doesn’t want to do it for me. I’m not a big enough reason for him to show up.” Check out the clip below (via Instagram):

In an interview, Pedro reveals that he doesn’t feel comfortable going to a wedding and pretending his marriage is fine. He said he’s not willing to go to a wedding to “fake something that’s not real.”

Chantel argues that a wedding would be a perfect time to reconnect with each other. She says, “Weddings are just romantic, all around. I don’t know why he wouldn’t want to do that with me.”

Chantel feels ‘neglected’ by her husband

As Chantel is getting ready for the wedding, she tells the cameras about how she feels about her marriage to Pedro. She said, “I don’t feel like Pedro knows he’s neglecting me.” She says that when she tells her husband she misses him, he accuses her of not supporting his career.

Chantel Everett looks at Pedro Jimeno in the kitchen of their home on 'The Family Chantel' Season 4.
Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno, ‘The Family Chantel’ Season 4 | TLC

Recently Pedro got a job as a real estate agent. He’s driven and focused on building a better life for himself and his family. However, he seems to have forgotten about his wife.

In a previous episode, Chantel accused Pedro of cheating on her with his coworker, Antonella. He has been coming home from work in the early morning hours, drunk, after having drinks with his coworkers. And since Antonella’s car has been in the shop, he’s been acting as her chauffeur.

Despite Pedro spending as much time as he can out of the house and pushing Chantel away, he’s denied cheating on her. She tells the cameras, “I just want time with my husband. That’s all.” She continues, “Pedro should see what’s in front of him, while he has it.”

Pedro feels like he’s ‘alone’

During Pedro’s commute to the gym on The Family Chantel, he tells his perspective about working hard. He says, “She always tells me, ‘You’re working too hard.’ It’s not one hundred percent about money. It’s about to do something for myself [sic]. Something that I know I can do, something I’m capable with.”

His primary focus right now is to build his career and keep growing. He says, “It’s not time to enjoy your life. Work hard now to meet your goals for the future.”

He says that since he’s started his career, his and Chantel’s priorities are different. He says, “Me and Chantel are focused on different things right now. We go [on] different paths.” He says, “I feel by myself.’ He says that if he and Chantel were on the same page, their marriage would be better.

The Family Chantel Season 4 sheds more light on the lonely marriage between Chantel and Pedro. Fans must keep watching to discover what happens next in Pedro and Chantels’ journey.

New episodes of The Family Chantel air Mondays at 8 pm EST on TLC.

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