‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel Gets Called Out for ‘Twerking’

The Family Chantel is back for a drama-filled season, but this time there are some new faces in the mix. Chantel Everett’s brother, Royal, has come back to Atlanta, and he’s brought his new wife with him, named Angenette. This new family dynamic is causing a lot of tension in a variety of ways.

Chantel Everett on 'The Family Chantel'
Chantel Everett on ‘The Family Chantel’ | TLC/YouTube

Royal has a new wife named Angenette

Angenette is from the Philippines, and she was recently married to Royal in a courthouse wedding. The couple met online, and Royal went to the Philippines to meet her. On his first visit, he ends up proposing to her, although he’s been there twice to visit. Through the K-1 visa process, Angenette was able to come to the United States. According to Chantel Angenette married Royal only a week after arriving.

Chantel takes Angenette out to the club and Royal shows up

Chantel invites Angenette out with her sister, Winter, and her friends to a club. Before they even get there though, Royal is asking if she needs him to pick her up. They arrive at the club, and let loose while having some drinks and dancing. Suddenly, Royal shows up as Chantel is dancing. He takes his wife outside and to the car and they eventually leave, but Chantel is clearly annoyed at this turn of events.

Chantel gets called out for ‘twerking’

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This week, the family gets together for pictures in ugly holiday sweaters. Despite a fight between Chantel and Winter, the pictures are taken eventually. However, before that, the sisters talk about things some more. Royal shows up as well, and when the night out at the club gets brought up, he puts in his 2 cents after Winter reveals she really didn’t want to go out, and that she feels Chantel wants her to “be a cookie cutter version” of her.

“Chantel, not everybody wants to be intoxicated,” Royal says. “Not everybody wants to be in that kind of environment.” He continues, and says, “When I walked in, you were twerking.”

Chantel admits she was, and her husband, Pedro Jimeno, asks if it was “in front of other people.” Royal admits that there were other people around watching.

“I like to twerk,” Chantel says in front of her family.

Angenette on 'The Family Chantel'
Angenette on ‘The Family Chantel’ | TLC/YouTube

Then, Angenette says something that Chantel doesn’t appreciate. “Those guys were looking at you, they’re look like a hungry animal that they’re ready to attack you,” Angenette says. Chantel looks shocked after hearing those words from Angenette.

“That was really f***** up,” Chantel says to the cameras about Angenette’s comment. “I took Angenette out for a good time, and she just ratted me out in front of my entire family saying that I was shaking my a**. I mean come on, I shake my a**, and I’ll admit it, but it’s like she was almost trying to like tell on me in front of everybody.”

“Is that the type of situation that married women should submit themselves to?” Royal asks.

Royal says to the cameras that he hopes Chantel was “upset” when he brought up the “twerking.” He says he’s “pretty sure her husband would not want her to be doing that in front of, you know, other people.”

“And that is really embarrassing too,” Angenette chimes in.

We’ll have to see what this all means for this family in the future. One thing is certain: the drama isn’t over.