‘The Family Chantel’: Chantel’s Last-Ditch Effort To Fix Her Marriage With Pedro Backfires

On the August 8 episode of The Family Chantel, Chantel Everett makes a last-ditch effort to repair her broken marriage to Pedro Jimeno. However, her plan to make amends with Pedro’s mom, Lidia Jimeno, backfires on her when her husband finds out.

Chantel Everett talking to Pedro Jimeno while visiting the Dominican Republic in season 4 of 'The Family Chantel' on TLC.
Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno, ‘The Family Chantel’ Season 4 | TLC

Chantel goes to the Dominican Republic to make amends with her mother-in-law

On the August 1 episode of The Family Chantel, Chantel flies to the Dominican Republic to attempt to bury the hatchet with Pedro’s mother, Lidia. As fans know, Chantel and Pedro’s family fighting has caused massive stress on their marriage. To prove to Pedro that she’s willing to change to keep their marriage intact, she surprises Lidia at her front door to apologize for the sake of her marriage. Check out the clip below:

Lidia hesitantly welcomes her into her home to see what Chantel says. Chantel gifts her mother-in-law Gucci sunglasses to help bridge the gap. She tells Lidia about how Pedro wants a separation and asks if she can fix their relationship for the sake of her marriage.

Lidia and Chantel’s meeting was cordial and even sweet, a pleasant surprise for fans. However, despite the discussion going smoothly, Chantel’s plan backfires when Pedro finds out.

Chantel’s plan to fix her marriage to Pedro backfires on her

Lidia calls Pedro to tell him that his wife made a surprise visit to the Dominican Republic. An upset Pedro hops on the next airplane to confront his wife. The next day, Pedro finds Chantel, and asks her what she’s doing there. She says that since Pedro is trying to fix the relationships with her family, she wants to return the favor.

Chantel tells Pedro, “I thought that you would see this as something good, that I actually came and had a conversation with your mom without arguing.”

However, Pedro is upset that she lied to him about where she was going. She told him that she was going with Winter to Michigan. Pedro thinks that Chantel going to the Dominican Republic only exasperated the problem. Pedro doesn’t believe that Chantel’s intentions were pure.

Lidia wants to help mediate Chantel and Pedro’s marriage

During Chantel’s visit, Lidia understood and empathized with her side of the story. But later on, when Pedro tells his side of the story, she begins taking his side. Lidia tells her son she needs to grow up and stop letting Chantel’s insecurities make him a “wimp.”

Despite this, she wants the young couple to stay together and offers to mediate a conversation between Chantel and Pedro. She urges her son to sit down with Chantel, where they can discuss what the “final decision” is for their relationship. Will they stay together or get divorced?

The Family Chantel Season 4 sheds more light on the lonely marriage between Chantel and Pedro. Fans must watch to discover what happens next in Pedro and Chantels’ journey.

New episodes of The Family Chantel air Mondays at 8 pm EST on TLC.

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