‘The Family Chantel’: Fans React to the New Trailer for Season 2

The moment many eager fans have been waiting for is finally here. The Family Chantel now has a brand-new trailer for the upcoming second season. It even sports a new favorite quote for fans when Chantel Everett’s mother, Karen says, “It’s going down. Hopefully it goes down in the right way. Because if it doesn’t, it’s going to be a thrilla in Manila.” Read on to learn what fans are saying.

Fans have a lot of thoughts about the new trailer for ‘The Family Chantel’

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno
Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno | chantel_j_ via Instagram

There’s going to be some major drama on this season of The Family Chantel. The trailer literally begins with Chantel crying to Pedro Jimeno. “You out of anybody should know how much this hurts me right now,” Chantel tells Pedro.

Chantel tells the cameras that they are still trying to work on things in their relationship.

Instagram is buzzing with people eager to share their opinions about the new trailer for season 2. One fan says they are “sick” of Chantel crying on the series. “Sick of her crying,” a fan admits.

Another fan says they’re “blood pressure just shot up.” “OMG my blood pressure just shot up by 300% phew,” the fan wrote.

A fan thinks the new season is like all the series’ spinoffs combined. “This is like all the spinoffs in one,” they said.

A number of fans are excited for the new season, and say they’ll be tuning in to watch. “Am I the only one kind of excited to watch all this drama? Lol,” a fan asked on Instagram.

Not everyone’s excited about the new season

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Not everyone is looking forward to the new season of The Family Chantel after watching the trailer. One Instagram user says it’s “played out.” “Their storyline has been played out,” they said.

Another seems to agree. “Nah. I’ll pass,” they said.

“I can think of better couples for a spinoff,” said the Instagram user.

Fans have opinions about the drama surrounding Chantel’s brother, Royal, and his marriage to Angenette

In the new season, there will be some new faces as well. Chantel’s other brother, Royal, comes home with a woman named Angenette, who is from the Philippines. The two met online, and it looks like there is going to be drama surrounding their relationship. The Family Chantel will even be traveling to the Philippines for Royal’s second wedding to Angenette.

In the trailer, Chantel mentions that there are things that “aren’t adding up.” She goes with Angenette to try on wedding dresses, and Angenette says Chantel has been “asking a lot of questions” about her.

“I feel like Royal doesn’t trust you enough or something,” Chantel says to her. And in another scene in the Philippines, Chantel says in front of Angenette, “We do believe that Angenette was fishing,” Chantel says to another woman. “We believe that she was fishing for an American guy.”

In another moment, Chantel tells Angenette, “Why don’t you just stay here?” Presumably, she’s talking about in the Philippines.

A fan thinks they should all just let Royal and Angenette be married and figure it out together. “Let them be married and figure things out on their own,” a fan reasoned in the comments.

A fan questions about the tables being reversed on Chantel and Pedro when they were newly married. “Weren’t the tables reversed when she was barely married with Pedro?”

One fan thinks it’s “funny” that the “tables have turned” for Chantel. “This is probably the only season that looks interesting. It’s funny how the tables have turned and Chantel is worried about her brother…” a fan commented.

There’s also drama surrounding Pedro’s sister, Nicole’s new boyfriend, and some unresolved issues between Chantel and her sister, Winter. The new season will return to TLC on Monday, October 12, at 9 p.m. E.S.T.