‘The Family Chantel’: How Things Get Out of Hand When Chantel and Pedro Meet up With His Sister and Her Friend

On 90 Day Fiancé and its spinoffs, there have been many memorable couples, but one of the most popular is Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno. Their families have difficulty getting along at times, which leads to all sorts of drama. On The Family Chantel, Pedro goes out with his sister and some friends and ends up dancing with another girl. When Pedro’s sister shows Chantel the video, it leads to an argument of epic proportions.

Pedro goes out with his sister and friends and ends up dancing with someone

Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno
Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno | Instagram via chantel_j_

Nicole, Pedro’s sister, took it upon herself to show Chantel a video of Pedro dancing with another girl, which leads to an argument. The girl, named Coraima, is Nicole’s friend. Chantel and Pedro go to the Dominican Republic again, but they can’t leave without confronting Coraima about what took place. They meet up with Nicole and Coraima so Chantel can “heal” from what happened.

Chantel and Pedro meet up with Nicole and Coraima

Pedro doesn’t think the dancing was an issue at all, but he agrees to meet with everyone to talk about what went on. Chantel tells the cameras that this is the moment that Pedro can prove that she is the only woman that really matters to him romantically.

“He promised me that he would tell this girl that he’s married to me and she doesn’t stand a chance with him, and that we’re never getting a divorce,” Chantel says.

Nicole and Coraima finally arrive and sit down to talk. Nicole asks why they are all here. “We are here because you wanted to see my husband,” Chantel tells Coraima. Pedro says they are there to discuss the dancing they did together.

Chantel asks Coraima what her intentions are.“Because you can not have my man. I’m sorry,” Chantel says.

Coraima says it seemed like Pedro wasn’t happy. “So I’m not to blame. Those are your problems,” she replies. She talks about Chantel’s insecurities to the cameras.

Things heat up between everyone


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Chantel questions Coraima about saying that Pedro should be with a Dominican, which she admits to saying. “You guys don’t get along so I simply said he should be with a Dominican,” Coraima says. She also says she doesn’t care about what they are discussing.

“You can go back to work,” Chantel says. “Thank you for your time here. I know you want to go to your corner over here to make your money.”

The insults start to fly around as they all get up. Chantel even throws a drink in Coraima’s direction before everyone walks their separate ways.

The discussion could have been more cordial, and things got more than heated between everyone. Not a whole lot was resolved, but it still made for a great television moment. Chantel and Pedro have a lot of fans that love nothing better than to see the drama unfold.