‘The Family Chantel’: Royal Tells His Family They ‘Can Go Home’ While They’re in the Philippines

Season 2 of The Family Chantel is heating up, and there just seems to be more and more drama. The family now finds themselves in the Philippines for Royal and Angenette’s second wedding, and there’s been a lot of problems so far.

Angenette had a miscarriage, and she says Royal had doubts

Chantel Everett's brother, Royal, on 'The Family Chantel'
Chantel Everett’s brother, Royal, on ‘The Family Chantel’ | TLC/YouTube

Royal and Angenette met on Facebook when Angenette saw him in her friend suggestions. Royal came to visit her twice before she came to the United States on the K-1 visa. However, new information about their relationship has come to light, and it’s causing a lot of problems.

Angenette revealed previously to a producer that she had a miscarriage and that Royal had doubts. “I had a miscarriage,” Angenette reveals. “We went to the hospital, and then we found out that maybe I am two weeks pregnant. And then he doubted it.” Angenette also added: “He said that maybe I hook up another guy in the Philippines before I went here.”

Royal and Angenette get into an argument in front of family and friends

While in the Philippines, Angenette and her friends, Irene, Maurice, and Eva, meet up with Chantel Everett, her sister, Winter, along with Royal, their brother River, and Pedro Jimeno, Chanel’s husband, at a bar. While waiting for Royal and the guys, Chantel stirs the pot by saying that Royal told her that Angenette was talking to other American men before.

When Royal finally shows up, tensions are high, and Angenette asks him about it in front of everyone. Royal says he never said that, and that Chantel is “imagining it.” Stuff from the past gets brought up, including how Angenette had a tracker on Royal’s phone and how she says he was searching for his exes online.

Even the miscarriage gets talked about, and Angenette starts to cry. Royal doesn’t want to talk about it, and he tries to embrace his wife, who doesn’t let him. When he tries to get her to leave, she doesn’t want to. Angenette asks her husband why he doesn’t trust her, but he says he does.

Royal heads outside, and a producer attempts to talk to him. Suddenly, Royal turns around, pushing Winter out of the way, and gets in the face of a producer. His siblings hold him back, and luckily things end there.

At one point, Angenette and her friends find them on the street, and Royal just walks away from his wife after saying, “I’m going back to where I came from.”

Later, Angenette and Royal talk with her friends, and he apologizes for not coming back to his wife. Royal tries to walk some things back, and he insists that he didn’t tell Chantel that she was talking to other men. He also admits that he was joking when he questioned the pregnancy and paternity.

Royal tells his family they ‘can go home’ while they’re in the Philippines

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Chantel and her family discuss matters, and Karen says that it looked like Angenette had a “baby bump” when she first arrived in the United States. To add even more drama to this fire, Royal overhears his family talking when Karen says Angenette didn’t tell her anything about the pregnancy or miscarriage, and that she actually told Royal not to tell Karen.

“But I believe that this girl was trying to get somebody that would bring her to America, marry her, and she could take advantage of them,” Karen says. “And that person ended up being Royal.”

Suddenly, Royal comes in looking upset, since he overheard the conversation apparently. Karen then reveals that she recently learned that Antoinette, Angenette’s mother, has been “trying to talk to” her brother, Ronson, on Facebook. Karen says she sees it as “quite strange,” as Angenette’s mother is married and Ronson is single.

“You know what? It’s all a big miscommunication, so you guys can go home now,” Royal says to his family. “You guys can all go home now. There’s no need for you to be here. So bye.”

Royal continues saying he’s “not down with this cesspool.” He says it’s “a cesspool of lies.” He goes on to say he doesn’t believe any of them, and that they’re “probably lost in the sauce.” He also mentions that they’re all “crazy” before he tells them to “pack their bags” before leaving the room.

Everyone finally talks together, and the drama gets brought up again

Later, they all do manage to sit down and talk with Angenette, but it’s pretty drama-filled as well. All the same things get brought up, including the strange situation with her mother supposedly contacting Royal’s uncle. Chantel calls Ronson, and learns it was someone else because Angenette’s mother has a different last name. However, the preview shows Chantel saying it’s Angenette’s mother who is contacting Ronson again, so at this point it’s confusing.

They also talk about the situation at the bar, including what Chantel revealed to Angenette. The miscarriage also gets brought up, and Angenette accuses Royal of lying all the time. Basically, it’s a lot to take in.

Angenette even adds a few comments that are surprising. “It is like you don’t trust them,” Angenette says. “Because sometimes you told me that your family is crazy. That your family is bad.” She also adds: “And you told me Royal that Chantel is stupid.”

A lot of drama went down on the latest episode of The Family Chantel. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out.