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In season 2 of The Family Chantel, there has been a lot of drama going on between Chantel Everett and her sister, Winter. After getting into an argument that started because of ugly holiday sweaters, Winter leaves the room, although she eventually returns and tries to explain her side of things.

In a preview for the upcoming episode, Winter opens up about being “compared” to Chantel and how it has affected her.

Chantel Everett and her sister, Winter, get into a huge argument

Winter on 'The Family Chantel'
Winter on ‘The Family Chantel’ | TLC/YouTube

Winter recently revealed that she’s trying to work things out with Jah, her boyfriend. Chantel and her mother, Karen, hired a private investigator in the past, and learned that Jah has a secret child, a son, who he kept from Winter. After that, Winter moved back in with her parents, but the topic is still a source of concern.

When everyone gets together for family pictures, the trouble starts when Winter says she didn’t know it was involving ugly Christmas sweaters, and she goes on to remind her family that she doesn’t celebrate the holiday.

Chantel doesn’t react well to Winter saying that, and Winter makes it clear that she doesn’t want to continue on with the conversation. Winter mentions that Chantel is “rude,” and Chantel admits she is being that way.

“I am being rude because I need to get this through your head. I feel like you’re going down the wrong path,” Chantel says. “And don’t let me get started with Jah, Winter.”

Chantel tells the cameras that she made it “about Jah” because she feels like he’s changed her. Some members of the family seem to think Winter no longer celebrates Christmas because of Jah. “When my sister didn’t want to wear the holiday sweater, I did make it about Jah because even though she’s not even with him, he has changed my sister so much,” Chantel explains to producers. “And he’s been keeping her from celebrating holidays with us, and seeing her extended family.”

Eventually, Winter gets really upset. “And I really am tired of you dragging me around, treating me like I’m a f****** doormat,” Winter tells her. She eventually leaves, but screams back from the hallway at Chantel when her sister says, “All because of Christmas.”

“All because you’re a f****** dumb*** b****,” Winter yells.

Winter eventually returns, and explains to Chantel that she’s “tired of feeling like” a “doormat.” She admits that she didn’t really want to go with Chantel to the club the other night. Winter also thinks that Chantel wants her to “be a cookie-cutter version” of her and “change” her.

Winter reveals how being ‘compared’ to Chantel affected her


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In a preview of the upcoming episode, the sisters talk outside, and Winter admits that she’s “already apologized” to Chantel. “This is too much,” Winter says to her sister. “I’ve already apologized. I don’t know what else you want from me.”

“A relationship with my sister,” Chantel tells her right back.

Winter says that she’s “always wanted” a relationship with her sister. “Well I want a relationship with my sister. And you know what? I didn’t have one at all when I was young,” Winter reveals. “And that’s the truth. And I always wanted one. And I didn’t have it.”

Chantel explains that when she invited her out, it’s a way of her “trying to have a relationship” with her. “And you told me that I’m trying to make you a cookie cutter version of me, and it’s…” Chantel says.

Winter replies that she didn’t actually want to go to the club. Chantel says, “Well I mean It’s fine. We’re just two different people I guess.”

“We are, and why can’t we love each other being different?” Winter questions.

Winter opens up to producers about “always” being “compared” to Chantel, and that it was “damaging” for her. She recalls trying to change the way she looked with makeup, and that she “hated” her hair.

“Me and my sister’s relationship, it’s forever evolving,” Winter tells the cameras. “There was a point in time when I was younger and we weren’t as close, and it was around the time when we were both going through like puberty. So, we weren’t close to each other like we used to be. I was always compared to my sister, and I used to wear a whole lot of makeup. I hated my curly hair. And I did a lot of things to make myself look different because I’m not her. So being consistently compared and stood next to it was hurting. It hurt and it was damaging. It really did, it damaged my self-esteem.”

We’ll have to see how the rest of this talk between Chantel and Winter goes in the upcoming episode of The Family Chantel.