The Famous Hollywood Actor That Inspired MCU Actor Bradley Cooper’s Career

Bradley Cooper is known in Hollywood for his impressive acting, directing, and producing skills. When it comes to the entertainment industry, in many ways Cooper can be considered the whole package, so to speak, but it wasn’t always that way.

The popular star, a native of Philadelphia, was born in 1975. Growing up, Cooper reflects on his love for cooking and, oddly, the military, but, ultimately, he decided to pursue his passion for acting.

Since his career as an actor has taken off, Cooper’s success and reputation continue to rise. Take a look back at some of Cooper’s most famous characters he has taken to the screen. 

What have been some of Bradley Cooper’s most memorable acting roles?

Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for National Board of Review

Cooper’s brief appearance on Sex and the City as Jake definitely seemed to put the aspiring actor on the map. About two years later Cooper found himself cast on the hit-film Wet Hot American Summer. At the time, Cooper was also playing Clay Hammond on The $treet, and despite good ratings and reviews, the Fox series was canceled after one season.

In the early 2000s Cooper spent a lot of his time contributing to television programs. Touching Evil, Jack & Bobby, Alias, and Law & Order were a few of the shows the actor appeared on.

However, Cooper never strays too far from his comedic roots. Yes Man and Wedding Crashers are two films that capture Cooper’s unique and contagious sense of humor. On a similar note, Cooper’s most well-known performance might have come with the release of The Hangover in 2009.

More recently, MCU fans got to enjoy Cooper as Rocket Raccoon. MCU fans and viewers had the pleasure of getting to meet Rocket in Guardians of the Galaxy. Cooper’s character was such a hit, that Rocket returned for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers: End Game. Cooper’s extensive background and experience speaks is a testimony to the popular actor’s talents. 

What famous Hollywood actor inspired the MCU actor Bradley Cooper?

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Cooper has always been very open and candid about his life and career. There have been several instances where the MCU star has praised Robert De Niro as one of the main actors who has inspired his career.

According to Insider, Cooper’s dreams came true when he had the opportunity to work with him in 2011. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Cooper explained:

“I tried to get him to do this movie, Limitless, and combine two characters. That was the first time I tried to cast a movie, even though I wasn’t the director, and I went to see him in his hotel room. I was pitching him the whole thing and then he wound up saying yes, which blew my mind because he was my hero.”

Fortunately, they would have another chance to collaborate together in Silver Linings Playbook

What has Robert De Niro shared about Bradley Cooper? 

Working together in Limitless ended up being incredibly positive for both actors, and De Niro even suggested Bradley begin directing. With the encouragement of his Hollywood idol, Bradley began his journey as a director.

A Star is Born was the first project Cooper took on as director, and De Niro had nothing but positive things to say about it. After calling it “terrific”, De Niro went on to elaborate and stated, “The movie is wonderful. I hope it gets the attention I feel it should when it opens. Bradley learned to sing. He is terrific. He really worked hard and it paid off. You see all the hard work he did, it’s special.”

Cooper’s fans and viewers can only imagine what a huge moment and compliment that must have been for him.