The ‘Field of Dreams’ Game’s Concession Stand Is What Foodie Dreams Are Made of

The MLB is offering baseball fans a very special event this evening. The New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox are facing off in Iowa on a baseball diamond replicating the famed field from Field of Dreams, the 1989 movie classic. The event isn’t only significant for baseball fans, though. There is something for Food Network enthusiasts, too. Everyone’s favorite Flavortown Mayor, Guy Fieri, has crafted a food item specifically for the event, and it’s everything we could have hoped for. The best part is, Fieri’s weird apple pie hot dog isn’t the only amazing food item on the menu.

What was ‘Field of Dreams’ about?

Field of Dreams is considered one of the best sports movies of all time. The movie follows Ray Kinsella, portrayed by Kevin Costner, as he has a vision and decides to build a baseball diamond in the middle of his cornfield. He builds it, and true to his vision, they did come. “Shoeless” Joe Jackson and several other players appear to play on the diamond. 

Kevin Costner holds Gaby Hoffmann while talking to Burt Lancaster in front of the field in 'Field of Dreams' in 1989
Kevin Costner and Gaby Hoffmann with Burt Lancaster | Universal/Getty Images

The film, adapted from the 1982 novel, Shoeless Joe, incorporates events from the 1912 Black Sox Scandal. The flick was considered a success when it hit the box office, earning $84.4 million during its original run. The budget for the film was $15 million. Its real success came later, as it ingrained itself into pop culture.

Guy Fieri has created an apple pie hot dog specifically for the ‘Field of Dreams’ baseball game

To commemorate the Field of Dreams game, Fieri teamed up with Chevrolet to create a food item that represents America’s pastime. Fieri has combined the American staple, apple pie, with baseball fan’s favorite concession item, the hot dog, to craft something that seems a little weird but oddly perfect at the same time.

The apple pie hot dog is exactly what it sounds like. Fieri has taken a pie crust, coated it with bacon jam and apple pie filling, stuffed a hot dog in the center of it, and topped it with apple mustard and bacon crumbles. While the combination may seem a bit absurd, according to those at the game, the apple pie hot dog is “killer.”

Guy Fieri’s apple pie hot dog isn’t the only concession curiosity available at ‘The Field of Dreams’ game  

While Fieri’s apple pie hot dog might be the most absurd concession item available at the Field of Dreams game, it’s not the only interesting combination being offered. According to Takeout, Aramark is the company behind delivering food for the special event, and a lot of thought went into the evening’s food offerings.

An overhead view of the Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa on August 12, 2021
the Field of Dreams | Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Field of Dreams Nachos is on the menu. The dish starts with a stack of tortilla chips. The chips are topped with pulled pork, cheese sauce, avocado cream, and, of course, corn, among other things. a Pork Tenderloin Sandwich from an area shop is also available, and state fair fans can grab some deep-fried Oreos at the field, too. Cheese Curds and a host of other Iowa favorites are available at the park. Strangely enough, no one on Twitter has mentioned grabbing a corn dog yet. They have to be on the menu, though. Right?