‘The Flash’: Cisco, Ralph, and Sue Could Form the Friendship Triangle We All Need

In season 1 of The Flash, Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin were a tight-knit trio of plucky crimefighters. Over time, Team Flash has grown and evolved. And lately, the original crew doesn’t have much time to throw around witty banter like they used to. But it seems that a new triad might be forming with Cisco, Ralph, and Sue, and fans are all about it.

Sue Dearbon made an impression on ‘The Flash’

The Flash introduced the socialite, Sue Dearbon, in season 6 episode 12, “A Girl Named Sue.” In it, Sue dupes Ralph into helping her commit a crime. Even though she becomes a giant thorn in Ralph’s side, the chemistry cannot be denied.

Sue disappeared with more than just a hefty payday. The thief had stolen the show, and perhaps Ralph’s heart, whether or not he realized it. After her first appearance, it was clear that Sue could become a fan-favorite character.

“Sue Dearbon is The Flash’s best new character in years,” reads one enthusiastic tweet. Even more passionate than the Sue fans are the Ralph and Sue shippers who want to see romance blossom between the two.

Ralph and Sue could be the new super couple on ‘The Flash’

“Ralph and Sue are being so cute. I knew I loved them for a reason,” tweeted one viewer.

Sue has only appeared in two episodes of The Flash, but viewers are gushing over her potential love connection with Ralph. And comic book aficionados point to the source material for proof that they are meant to be together. The comic characters eventually tie the knot, so fans expect that will be the trajectory for the TV version of the lovebirds.

One Twitter fan mused, “I find it so funny that both Ralph and Sue said ‘gross’ when the woman asked if they’re married. Little do they know what their future holds if the show follows the comics, that is.”

“I am a comic book nerd. Ralph and Sue are endgame,” declared another.

As much as fans are invested in Ralph and Sue, many others are giddy over the friendship triangle they foresee between Cisco, Ralph, and Sue.

Ralph, Sue, and Cisco bring levity to ‘The Flash’

In The Flash Season 6 Episode 16, “So Long and Goodnight,” Sue made her triumphant return. With Cisco as his wingman, Ralph caught up with her for a second time. Now, fans don’t just love Ralph and Sue together; they also dig the dynamic between Cisco and Sue like this admirer who tweeted, “Sue and Cisco are gonna be BFFs.”

“I love the back and forth between Cisco and Sue,” wrote another Twitter fan.

And many others enjoy the playfulness shared between all three characters, including this fan who tweeted, “I love Cisco, Ralph, and Sue. Cisco’s face as she flirts with Ralph, and their bantering as Ralph looks SO done, plus how [Cisco] caught her kiss for Ralph.”

“This Sue, Ralph, and Cisco interaction is the friendship I never knew I needed,” tweeted one follower.

“I freaking love Cisco, Ralph, and Sue as a trio, and I hope we get more of that,” wrote another.

Through sharp banter, clever quips, and playful flirting, Cisco, Ralph, and Sue bring levity to a very dark chapter of The Flash.

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