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The Flash Season 6 Episode 13, titled ‘Grodd Friended Me,’ promises action, danger, and the unique charm that is distinctive to the Arrowverse. If the title is any indication, fans can expect to enjoy lots of scenes featuring Gorilla Grodd — and a lot of puns.

'The Flash' actors Jesse L. Martin and Grant Gustin
‘The Flash’ actors Jesse L. Martin and Grant Gustin | Christopher Polk/Getty Images

A wink and a nod

This week’s title winks to the audience and nods to another Greg Berlanti Productions series, God Friended Me. While the CBS show is not part of the Arrowverse, it does share a connection via Violett Beane, who had a role on The Flash before moving to God Friended Me.

Besides the Easter eggs and witty wordplay, if fans are lucky, the episode will also push the season’s story arc forward a bit. The last episode, ‘A Girl Named Sue,’ took the audience on a scenic route, dodging the main plot. This week viewers can only hope to see the needle move.

Have the tables turned for The Flash?

In the promo for The Flash Season 6 Episode 13, Barry finds himself in a dodgy predicament. The Flash is caged in an enclosure reminiscent of the pen that confined Gorilla Grodd at S.T.A.R. Labs. Grodd, the highly intelligent telepathic gorilla, appears to be in charge of the setup.

Strangely enough, the imprisoned Barry isn’t shown using his Flash superspeed to escape. Even odder is the fact that at least part of Barry’s team seems to be in cahoots with Grodd. Fans will have to watch and see if Grodd is somehow controlling the minds of Barry’s friends, or if Barry has been sent to an alternate reality.

Will the whole team appear in this episode?

With such a large — and presumably well-paid — cast, this season has had its share of noticeable character absences in several episodes. Season 6 Episode 12 suffered from a gigantic void when Cisco and Caitlin were no-shows. The story focused heavily on the misguided actions of Ralph, aka Elongated Man, Iris’ misadventures in the Mirror Dimension, and Joe and Barry’s suspicious case at the CCPD.

When will Sue return?

In the last episode, poor Ralph spent the entire time helping a socialite named Sue Dearbon, only to be duped by her in the end. The show paints this new character as a jewel thief, straying from the DC Comics source material. But, the show may take another Ralph and Sue story cue from DC.

In the comics, Ralph and Sue end up together as husband and wife. In the show, Cecile uses her metahuman abilities to sense a genuine connection between the two. If Sue doesn’t return in Episode 13, fans may see her again in the near future.

Will Iris escape from the Mirror Dimension?

Iris has been trapped inside the Mirror Dimension with scientist– and apparent metahuman — Eva McCulloch since the end of Episode 10 of this season. Fake ‘Iris’ is masquerading in the real world unbeknownst to the real Iris’ friends and family. Neither Iris is shown in the promo for this episode. It is uncertain whether or not fans will have to wait until later in the season to find out what happens with the Irises.

Will Barry and Joe get any closer to connecting the dots in the fire case?

In the previous episode, Joe alluded to the fact that a few of his fire cases smelled fishy. His cop instincts were telling him that someone in the department might be covering up or fabricating evidence.

He shared his suspicions with Barry and asked him to use his forensics expertise to look into the cases. Upon a quick examination, Barry followed a figurative trail of breadcrumbs to Dr. Light, Carver, and Black Hole. Alas, he and Joe don’t have the time to follow up before the end of the episode.

With Barry stuck in a cage in ‘Grodd Friended Me,’ the case of the fishy fires storyline is a prime candidate to simmer on the back-burner while other threads are resolved. Fans may have to sit tight for a while before Barry and Joe get to the bottom of the shady case. Season 6 Episode 13 and the subsequent episodes of The Flash will likely provide some resolutions and many more questions.

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