‘The Flash’ Fans Want Barry and Iris to Catch a Break in Season 7

It appears that the honeymoon is long over for the West-Allen twosome on The Flash. Barry and Iris were once a cute couple with a seemingly unshakeable bond and tons of sweet scenes. But by season 6, their shared screen time had dwindled, and the storyline split them apart. Now die-hard West-Allen fans are eager to see the duo capture some romance and happiness in The Flash Season 7, and they are tweeting all about it. [Spoiler warning: The following article contains details about The Flash Season 6.]

'The Flash' stars Grant Gustin and Candice Patton
‘The Flash’ stars Grant Gustin and Candice Patton | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

‘The Flash’ set Barry and Iris up as a couple to root for

Much of The Flash’s appeal lies in the drama and action injected into the storyline. From dangerous foes to science fiction-based adventures, Team Flash keeps the fan base entertained. But as of late, it seems that one of the biggest casualties of the dramatic plot twists is the relationship between Barry and Iris.

Before he became The Flash, Barry was Iris’ childhood friend, confident, and roomie after her dad, Joe, took him in. Eventually, they grew up, decided to become a romantic pair, and created their own fairytale life.

The super couple fought hard to form a solid foundation with love and loyalty at the core. And fans were on board with the trajectory of their romance early on. They hit a few bumps but survived even when they lost their daughter, Nora. Barry and Iris came out of the unspeakable tragedy with a renewed commitment to each other. Unfortunately, season 6 saw their marriage take a nosedive.

‘The Flash’ put Barry and Iris on separate paths during season 6

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Over the course of The Flash Season 6, Barry and Iris spent considerably less time together, tackling separate adventures within the show’s narrative. And in midseason, the stress of Crisis on Infinite Earths became a distraction for the entire team, placing interpersonal affairs on the back-burner.

After Crisis rebooted the universeIris was sucked into the Mirrorverse by Eva McCulloch and held captive for the back half of the season. And to make matters worse, Eva set Iris’ mirror copy loose in the real world to take the real Mrs. West-Allen’s place. Astonishingly, no one — not even Barry — noticed for a very, very long time.

By the season 6 finale, The Flash had finally gotten wise to the Mirror Master’s scheme and vowed to rescue his wife. But with Iris still inside the mirror dimension in parts unknown, season 7 will pick up with Team Flash’s favorite couple still living in totally different worlds.

Fans want Barry and Iris to find peace and happiness

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Enough is enough, the Twitterverse seems to scream about the state of Barry and Iris’ marriage.  One fan tweeted, “Will we get to see West-Allen finally have some peace in season 7?”

That sentiment reverberates through social media channels. Many fans have expressed frustration about the division between Barry and Iris and are desperate for the lovebirds to catch a break. Others are craving tender moments in between the constant barrage of metahuman threats.

“Can we PLEASE finally get a REAL Barry and Iris wedding,” pled a fan. Time will tell if Barry and Iris will rekindle the spark, or even renew their vows in a proper ceremony — hopefully uninterrupted by villains. But fans can see how the story plays out in The Flash Season 7, coming in 2021.