‘The Flash’ Finale: 7 Questions to Ponder Until Season 7

Earlier this season, Grant Gustin teased a cliffhanger ending, and the Season 6 finale of The Flash did not disappoint. Season 6 Episode 19, titled “Success is Assured,” delivered action, intrigue, and suspense. It also left fans with a few unanswered questions. [Spoiler alert: The following article contains details about the season 6 finale of The Flash.]

The Flash
Grant Gustin | Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

‘The Flash’ finale ended on a major cliffhanger

In The Flash Season 6 finale, the Mirror Master assassinates Carver, reclaims her place as the head of McCulloch Tech, and rebuffs Team Flash as unworthy adversaries. With Carver out of the picture, Joe is no longer a target. So, the police captain returns to the team, just in time for the end credits to roll. But he misses out on saying farewell to Caitlin, aka Frost, who is off to the Arctic to cure what ails her. Key developments happened in the finale, but the episode still left a lot of loose ends that will need to be tied up in season 7.

The season 6 finale inspired 7 burning questions

Season 6 of The Flash has consistently divided Team Flash into separate missions on parallel paths. The finale follows suit with storylines moving forward, without converging toward resolutions for the core group. That leaves a few burning questions to ponder until the series returns for season 7.

  1. When will Barry regain his super-speed?
  2. How did Eva frame Sue?
  3. Is Black Hole finished?
  4. How will the Arctic medical treatment affect Caitlin, aka Frost?
  5. Where was Cisco during all the excitement?
  6. Will Kamilla and Singh suffer side effects of the Mirrorverse like Iris?
  7. What the frack happened to Iris?

The answer to No. 7, ‘What happened to Iris,’ could be a game-changer

Eva abducted Iris nine episodes ago, which computes to a heck of a lot of time in the Mirrorverse for Mrs. West Allen. Unfortunately, the side effects of being trapped for so long are wearing on the plucky reporter.

In the real world, Barry sits down with tech guru and criminal mastermind Joseph Carver. His wife, Eva, aka the Mirror Master, became trapped inside the Mirrorverse the night of the particle accelerator explosion — the same blast that gave Barry and a whole host of metahumans their powers.

Carver claims that the Mirrorverse is incompatible with the human brain. “That place warps the mind until the person is no longer recognizable. Your Iris is long gone. I suggest you accept that and move on,” explains Carver.

Barry is hesitant to take the megalomaniac’s word at face value. But Nash backs him up on the theory of neural dissonance.

Speaking of neural dissonance, Iris’ is worsening and manifesting in symptoms like headaches, confusion, and skin irritation. The visible signs of her deteriorating condition are hard for Kamilla — Eva’s other prisoner and Cisco’s ladylove — to ignore.

On the other hand, Iris believes she is beginning to acclimate to the alternate dimension. She discovers new abilities that allow her to control the environment around her. Despite Kamilla’s objections, she uses her new tricks to locate David Singh at the Central City Hospital inside the Mirrorverse. Right on cue, Iris has a painful attack and disappears into a reflective burst of energy, leaving Kamilla alone at the Mirror version of STAR Labs.  

‘The Flash’: To be continued

The episode ends as “to be continued” flashes on the screen. And The Flash Season 6 leaves many questions to be answered in Season 7. Until then, fans can relive previous seasons of The Flash on Netflix, with the current season coming to the streaming giant on May 20.

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