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From Elongated Man to Killer Frost to the Scarlet Speedster himself, the heroes of The Flash display their individuality through uniquely designed costumes. Likewise, some of the stars of the show find creative ways to express themselves in the real world. One The Flash star, in particular, Grant Gustin, uses body art as one way to set himself apart. Here are a few of the actor’s Instagram snaps of his tattoos, plus what he says about them.

Grant Gustin
Grant Gustin | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Grant Gustin’s tattoos reflect his experiences

“I’ve got a Virginia tattoo right here. It’s where I’m from,” Gustin told Young Hollywood in an interview during Comic-Con. The star was referring to a tattoo positioned on his left upper torso, as seen in several Instagram photos. But, it appears that Gustin’s home state is not the only subject close to his heart. He has inked other symbols that mirror his personal life.

Gustin’s love and passion

Gustin tied the knot with LA Thoma Gustin in December of 2018, but the couple went a step further than traditional wedding rings to symbolize their union. The twosome doubled down with coordinating tattoos, which Gustin shared an image of on Instagram. Gustin sports the letters “LA” on his arm, while his wife’s arm is adorned with a “G.” As a finishing touch, the initials are pierced with a tattooed arrow that begins on one arm and ends on the other.

In the same Instagram post, the actor shared more body art featuring a symbol for The Flash character and the text “Love [above] all else.” In the image caption, Gustin wrote: “LA and I got the coolest tattoos from the legend, [Mr. K]. He also added this little [The Flash symbol]. I can’t wait for our next session! Gonna be insane…”

Superhero fan art

 “Superman…I love him,” reads the inscription in his mother’s handwriting on Gustin’s left forearm. In a video from DC All Access, Gustin explained:

When I was a kid, I was a huge Superman fan. And also really into drawing and coloring. And I was like four or five, and so my mom used to draw him for me, Superman, and I would color that in. So that’s why it’s her handwriting. And this was also a line in my first professional job.

Grant Gustin on DC All Access

Honoring man’s best friend

Gustin is not shy about sharing his adoration for his pets on social media. His collection of cute dog pictures is enough to give any animal lover a case of the warm and fuzzies. Now, the entertainer has a portrait of his beloved pooch, Jett, on his arm.

He shared a snapshot of the tattoo and added a caption that read, “This one is special. I have been wanting a portrait of my best bud, Jett, for a long while now. We’ve been through a lot together, and now he can be with me always. Thank you for this perfect piece, Doctor Woo. You’re a legend.”

Grant Gustin, body art aficionado

Aside from the tattoos celebrating his love and family, Gustin sports other marks, including a skull on his forearm and the word, “gold” on his shoulder blade. The star beautifully expresses his individuality through the original masterpieces he displays on his body.

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