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For all of The Flash fanatics who are also music enthusiasts, there is a new feature film in the works that will make you giddy with anticipation. Grant Gustin will be trading his speedster sneakers for dancing shoes in an upcoming musical movie. Here are all the details we know so far.

Grant Gustin
Grant Gustin | Jenny Anderson/Getty Images for Elsie Fest

Grant Gustin has musical theater roots

Gustin has deep roots in musical theater dating back to adolescence. As a youngster, the actor participated in various arts programs, including the Governor’s School for the Arts program and Hurrah Players Incorporated in Norfolk, Virginia, as well as the Central Piedmont Community College Summer Theater program in North Carolina.

After high school, he pursued an undergraduate BFA Music Theatre degree at Elon University. However, by the age of 20, he opted to pursue acting full time after earning the role of Baby John in a West Side Story national tour.

After that, Gustin switched his focus and quickly landed several small-screen roles. One of his most memorable parts was the character of Sebastian Smythe on Glee. Sebastian was initially introduced as a villain on the show but later softened toward the other characters.

Gustin’s saucy portrayal of Sebastian was front and center, but he left a lasting mark on the series with his legit vocal chops. It wasn’t long after his stint on Glee that he scored the life-changing role of Barry Allen on The Flash.

Grant Gustin showed off his singing and dancing skills on ‘The Flash’

Now in its sixth season, The Flash is The CW’s senior Arrowverse series. The show is centered around the DC Comics hero, The Flash, a metahuman imbued with the power of the Speed Force.

Between the super-villains, apocalyptic events, and time travel, there aren’t many opportunities for Team Flash to sing or dance. That all changed when villain-of-the-week, Music Meister, visited Central City in the Season 3 episode, titled “Duet”. The antagonist possessed the ability to make others burst into song spontaneously, and The Flash fell victim to his charms. Hence, Gustin and his co-stars were given the opportunity to show off their singing talent.

The episode involved a special crossover event between The Flash Season 3 and Supergirl Season 2. In it, Gustin reunited with his Glee co-stars, Melissa Benoist, who plays Supergirl, and Darren Criss, who appeared as Music Meister. Although Gustin had been away from Glee for a few years, he flaunted the fantastic showmanship of a musical theater pro.

Grant Gustin will star in a new musical movie

The Flash fans can expect Gustin to suit up as the Fastest Man Alive for at least one more season on The CW. But aside from his work on the show, Gustin will also take on a role in a feature film. He has been tapped to star in Imagination, a musical movie directed by Dean Ward.

Imagination is a romantic comedy with a twist. In it, a couple’s real-life relationship starts to mirror the movie musicals they have grown to love. Although the film has been announced, production has yet to begin. Until then, fans can enjoy the musical stylings of Gustin in Glee and in the special musical episode of The Flash on Netflix.

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