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The latest promo for The Flash teases juicy bits of the plot and delicious action, which Arrowverse fanatics will likely want to savor after a couple of weeks without the Scarlet Speedster. The series took a short hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic and is scheduled to return in April with Season 6 Episode 16. Based on the preview, The Flash’s newest episode will not disappoint. Here’s a breakdown of the promo and a few hints of what to expect when the show returns.

The Flash
‘The Flash’ | Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2019 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

‘So Long and Goodnight’

“I’m barely hanging on. I can’t catch my breath,” Barry confesses in the promo.

Previously on The Flash, the Speed Force died and left Barry with a limited amount of residual super speed. In an effort to retain his abilities, The Flash asks Caitlin and Cisco to partner with him to build an artificial Speed Force. But can they harness enough power in time to defeat the latest threat?

Season 6 Episode 16 is titled, ‘So Long and Goodnight,’ which could possibly signal the departure of a character. What we know for certain is that this episode will see the return of Rag Doll.

The superhuman contortionist villain wearing the super-creepy mask is back with his ability to contort into virtually any shape — and haunt the dreams of fans everywhere. The Flash is wearing a new shade of desperate as he attempts to stop Rag Doll and save Central City despite his diminishing powers.

The preview spotlights Barry as he worries aloud, “All I can think about is if I’ll be fast enough to save another life.”

Also seen in the promo, Cecile is tied to a chair, Joe is in peril, and Eva’s team seems to have the upper hand. Fans can only hope that ‘So Long and Goodnight’ doesn’t spell the end for one of our heroes.

The mirror squad is still on the loose

“Barry, your speed…it’s getting worse,” says Mirror-Iris in the preview.

Iris has been trapped with the mirror-manipulating metahuman, Mrs. McCulloch, since Season 6 Episode 11 while Mirror-Iris roams free in the real world. Though she aims to escape, Eva McCulloch sneakily plots to keep Iris contained so that her replica can continue to do her bidding.

Unbeknownst to Iris, Eva also trapped Cisco’s ladylove and Team Flash member, Kamilla, elsewhere in the mirror world and a bogus version of the photographer is now in cahoots with the mirror squad. Considering Iris’ investigative prowess, is it simply a matter of time before she discovers Eva’s nefarious agenda?

The promo omits clips of the genuine Mrs. West-Allen, but her carbon copy appears to factor heavily into the plot.

Mirror-Iris shows fake love to do real damage

“Flash is losing his speed. Drain him of the rest,” Eva orders the imitation Iris.

In the promo, Mirror-Iris feigns concern for Barry’s condition, which was brought on by the death of the Speed Force. But viewers can spot her phony brand of concern from a mile away. The question is: Why can’t Barry — her husband — make like Drake and sniff out the fake love?

It is clear that the Mirror Master wants to harm the speedster and further her personal agenda, leaving the real Iris as collateral damage. However, Eva’s end goal remains a mystery.

Viewers can expect more of the story to unfold as the finale nears. The Flash airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW, and previous seasons are available to stream on Netflix.

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