‘The Flash’ Season 6 Finale Preview: Carver Gives Barry a Bitter Pill

The Flash Season 6 Episode 19, titled “Success is Assured,” will serve as the finale in a season cut short due to an industry-wide production shutdown. Regardless, insiders have promised fans a season finale with a classic cliffhanger. Here’s a recap of where Team Flash stands, plus a preview of what to expect next on The Flash.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains details about The Flash Season 6]

The Flash
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In ‘The Flash’ Season 6 finale, Carver will give Barry a hard pill to swallow

“My wife was abducted,” Barry frets in the preview for The Flash season 6 finale. He goes on to declare, “I have to save her.”

It appears from the promo that Barry may be desperate enough to partner with Black Hole big wig, Caver, to save Iris. In what looks like a one-on-one meeting between the two men, Carver shares some unfortunate truths with Barry.

“That Mirrorverse warps the mind until the person is no longer recognizable,” says Carver, “If Iris is still alive in there, there’s probably nothing left of her to save.”

Later at the Central City Police Department, various members of Team Flash, along with Carver, brace for an attack from an unseen assailant. Based on the guest star roster for the episode, fans can expect both Ultraviolet and Dr. Light to show up to give our heroes a little grief. Barry does eventually put on the Flash suit, but it remains to be seen whether or not his speed will be restored in the finale.

Meanwhile, in the Mirrorverse, Iris continues to deteriorate, with Kamilla standing by unable to help. There is no sign of Singh in the promo, but the actor who portrays him is expected to appear in The Flash finale — either as the police commissioner himself or as his Mirror copy.

Questions to ponder before the finale

From the reappearance of Godspeed to Frost’s ailment to Eva’s escape from the Mirrorverse, the last several episodes of The Flash have dished out lots of surprises for viewers to chew on. Furthermore, the latest promo for the season finale has prompted some predictions and excitement about how it will all go down.

“OMG. Eva McCullough is ready to go after her husband, Joseph Carver. Meanwhile, her husband is joining forces with Barry Allen to free his wife Iris West-Allen from the mirror world,” surmised a Twitter fan.

Although the The Flash finale preview does drop a few hints, there are still many unknowns. What is the key to conquering the Mirror Master? Will Carver redeem himself by helping Team Flash save their friends and defeat Eva? When will Iris, Kamilla, and Singh get out of the Mirrorverse? Will fans have to wait until season 7 to see them reunite with their loved ones? What will be the long-term neurological effects of being trapped inside the Mirror? When will Barry regain his super-speed? Will Joe reemerge from the witness protection program for the final battle of the season?

Whatever the case, The Flash Season 6 finale is shaping up to be a critical turning point for Barry and Team Flash. Fans can look forward to seeing it play out on May 12 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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