‘The Flash’ Season 7 Trailer Teases a Dark Chapter for Team Flash

The Flash released a season 7 trailer that drops more than a few hints about what to expect in the plot moving forward. Here’s what we know so far.

The Flash
Grant Gustin | Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

‘The Flash’ Season 7 will launch in 2021

Twitter exploded when The Flash premiered the first trailer for season 7 (check it out below). The video shared from the official show page includes a caption that reads, “The future of Central City is in their hands. The Flash Season 7 is coming 2021 to The CW!”

That sentiment is about as subtle as a ton of bricks. The video description hints that another predictably lethal threat is looming, and it will be up to Team Flash to save the civilians. That’s par for the course. But we learn much more from the trailer as we dive in and study the details.

The Mirror Master is still in the mix, big time

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“I’ve achieved my goal. This company is all mine,” the Mirror Master boasts in the first lines of the trailer. It is hugely significant that the promotional piece begins with Eva McCullough rather than Barry Allen. It could signify that the mirror-manipulating metahuman remains dangerously dominant at the beginning of the season.

“You lost your speed,” she taunts the Scarlet Speedster. “You’re not much of a threat, are you? You just stay out of my way, Flash.”

Iris deals with ‘tragic consequences’

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In the trailer, Iris comes face-to-face with a manifestation of her mirror image and asks, “What are you?”

“I am a product of your broken mind,” faux Iris responds. She continues, “There’s only two options in this place. Survival or madness.” That simple exchange is just a taste of what promises to be a juicy story arc for Mrs. West Allen.

During The Flash season 6, TVLine caught up with Eric Wallace, the showrunner and executive producer, to dish about Iris’ predicament.The plucky journalist became trapped inside the Mirrorverse in the back half of the season, and the season 6 finale left viewers pondering the cliffhanger surrounding her fate.

Wallace told the news outlet, “There will be tragic consequences to learning the truth about Mirror-Iris…Consequences that will send the season in a new, even more dangerous direction for Team Flash.” Based on Wallace’s promise, the trailer is merely the tip of the dramatic iceberg.

The Flash and a revamped Team Flash build an artificial Speed Force

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The Flash Season 6 saw the death of the Speed Force. Since then, Barry’s superspeed has gradually dwindled. In an effort to restore his powers to full strength, he will enlist Team Flash to build an artificial Speed Force.

Nash and Chester appear to be working furiously to complete the Speed Force project. Conspicuously absent in that section of the trailer are OG Team Flash members, Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon. Could that be a clue that Chester will step up as other regulars take a backseat? Or is the configuration of scenes a misdirect?

Another meta puts the whammy on Cecile

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Resident lawyer and Team Flash member, Cecile, is a metahuman empath, and it looks like she will meet her match in The Flash Season 7. In the trailer, another meta with a similar ability puts the whammy on Cecile, giving her a jolt of energy.

“I was an empath too, only I never held back,” the meta says to Cecile. “Imagine what you’d become if you weren’t so afraid.” It remains to be seen how Cecile will evolve next season, but with any luck, she will get a power boost and even more screen time.

The Flash will return in 2021. Until then, fans can catch up on previous episodes on Netflix.

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