‘The Flash’: The Jig is Up for the Copycat as Barry ‘Realizes This Isn’t Iris,’ Says Grant Gustin

Finally, after half a dozen episodes of Iris being stuck in the Mirror Dimension while Mirror Iris masquerades as the genuine Mrs. West Allen, it appears that the jig will be up for the copycat in The Flash Season 6 Episode 17. Here’s where Team Flash stands going into the episode and what Grant Gustin says about the shocking revelation.

Previously on ‘The Flash’

In The Flash Season 6 Episode 10, titled “Marathon,” Iris visits McCulloch Industries to follow up on a lead about the criminal enterprise, Black Hole. The reporter pokes around the building looking for clues, and just as she is preparing to skedaddle, a pair of reflective arms materialize out of a large mirror, grab Iris, and pull her inside. The episode ends on a cliffhanger with Iris’ fate up in the air.

In the next episode called, “Love is a Battlefield,” Iris is seen picking herself up after the bizarre attack, seemingly shaken but unharmed. She and Barry hit the town for a Valentine’s Day date, which is — of course — interrupted by a metahuman threat. The West-Allens put their heads together to resolve the issue, and by the end of the episode, all is well. Or is it?

The episode concludes with a surprise twist that Iris is still stuck inside the Mirror Dimension while an impersonator runs loose in the real world. Even worse, six episodes go by without her friends, colleagues, or loved ones realizing that an imposter is posing as Iris.

Thankfully, coming up next on The Flash, Barry finally gets a clue that something is awry. Gustin recently shared a few insights about how the situation will play out on screen.

Grant Gustin dishes on how Barry “realizes this isn’t Iris”

Gustin spoke with TV Line about Barry’s big revelation that the phony Iris is not his wife. He told the outlet that “Barry has an epiphany moment where he shares all of his suspicions with Cecile.” Gustin elaborated on how Barry concludes that the person pretending to be his wife is a stranger.

“He will be the first team member [outside of Wally] to start picking up that something is wrong with Iris, and he starts to get suspicious. There’s a breaking point where he looks back at the past few weeks and realizes this isn’t Iris,” Gustin revealed to TV Line.

The actor pointed to the clues that led to Barry’s realization, telling TV Line, “It’s a little bit of the stuff she says, but more an emotional connection that’s lacking or not consistent with what they have always had.”

Next on ‘The Flash’

Based on the promo for The Flash Season 6 Episode 17, titled “Liberation,” it looks like Mirror Iris is in hot water with Team Flash.

“Something happened to Iris,” Barry frets in the promo.

“Barry, how could you do this? For God’s sake, I’m your wife,” Mirror Iris lies. Meanwhile, in the Mirrorverse, the preview shows that Iris is in distress, presumably at the hands of Eve, aka Mirror Master.

“You’re not my wife,” declares Barry, “The real Iris is out there somewhere. I won’t let her down.”

“Fine. You want to see who I really am? I’ll show you,” Mirror Iris drops the ruse — and the mic.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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