‘The Flash’: What is the Net Worth of Grant Gustin?

Grant Gustin has exceptional talent and charisma that have propelled him to success as the title character on The Flash. With many years spent working as one of The CW’s leading stars, the entertainer has banked serious dough. Here’s a breakdown of Gustin’s career trajectory on The CW, and a peek at his salary and net worth.

Grant Gustin
Grant Gustin | Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for IMDb

Grant Gustin became a primetime television hero on The CW

As a youngster, Gustin gained valuable experience in musical theater, but in his early 20s, he shifted his concentration to primetime television. In doing so, he hit a hot streak with stints on two popular series.

Fans may remember Gustin as the recurring character of Campbell Price on the 90210 reboot. He also made an impression as Sebastian Smythe on Glee, where he showed off his singing chops. It wasn’t long before he scored the life-changing role of Barry Allen, aka The Flash.

In 2013, The CW superhero drama, Arrow, introduced Gustin’s character, Barry, as a mild-mannered forensic scientist. The premiere of The Flash followed in the fall of 2014.

Barry’s journey as a hero began when he was struck by lightning, and after waking up from a coma, discovered that he had developed the power of super speed. Soon afterward, he began fighting crime as The Flash. Now in its sixth season, The Flash has earned critical acclaim and a rock-solid fan base.

Aside from his full-time work on The Flash, Gustin also makes guest appearances as his character on other shows and crossover events within the Arrowverse. Gustin has taken the Scarlet Speedster to Arrow, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman. He also honed his voice acting skills as The Flash on the short-lived animated series, Vixen.

Gustin’s Flash also mixed it up with the other Arrowverse heroes in the digital shorts, Superhero Fight Club and Superhero Fight Club 2.0. The Flash is one of the most valuable characters in DC’s arsenal, and Gustin appears to be equally as valuable as the talent behind the character.

Grant Gustin commands a hefty salary on ‘The Flash’

Gustin’s gig on The Flash pays the actor handsomely for his work. According to figures released by Variety, he makes $100k per episode. With an average of 23 episodes per season, Gustin’s rate translates to $2.3 million per year.

In comparison to other stars of The CW flagship shows, Gustin’s salary ranks near the top. Variety reported that Stephen Amell of Arrow was one of the highest paid of the network’s stars, earning a rate of $125k per episode. Gustin came pretty close to that with his six-figure salary. Jeanine Mason of Roswell, New Mexico negotiated $50k per episode. Rounding out the principal talent on The CW, the four leading stars of Riverdale, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and Cole Sprouse, pulled in $40k per episode.

Grant Gustin gained notable wealth in his young adulthood

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Gustin’s estimated net worth is $5 million. The multitalented star achieved this level of wealth before turning 30-years-old. With another season of The Flash confirmed and at least one additional project in the works, Gustin is primed to increase his wealth even more.

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